Infant Mortality ~ Autism & “VaxXed” ~ Sterility

WHAT’S WRONG?  Overview:

~ Vaccine Ingredients, CDC excipients table ~ 74 doses for children, 1/2 in their first year!

MAY DAY!  Infant Mortality:  10% of American Infants DIE and 15% of Australian Infants DIE.  Major cause: VACCINATION!  Listen after 35 minutes to the world’s foremost authority on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Dr. Viera Scheibner: (also addressed:  Measles and Zika Scares. unscientific Titers and the fallacy of Herd Immunity) + Shaken Baby Syndrome: + MSBP with Christina England, Author of “Vaccination Policy and the UK Government:  The Untold Truth”

~ Vaccine Conditions and Reactions:

“VAXXED:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe” ~ Interviews with 12 Stars and Autism Mothers in 15 minutes (above)

Dr. Brian Hooker at the Premier in NYC

Sterility from HPV Vaccine:  Statement from the American College of Pediatricians regarding “premature ovarian failure” resulting from the HPV Vaccine: ~

Kevin Galalae’s HUNGER STRIKE against Sterility at the Vatican