Create an Event for OCTOBER ~ International Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

Make this Banner your Cover Photo throughout OCTOBER and create an EVENT during October locally where you live:  I am kicking off the month with a Town Hall Meeting to Educate people in my area about the CDC Power Grab and people’s responsibility to vocalize, “I DO NOT CONSENT” to each other (inform all adults since this affects all of them), to Congress and to the CDC.  If we had all stood to protect all children from vaccination, then the CDC’s proposed tyranny toward adults and entire communities would never have been proposed… but we did not object en masse and this is the result.  Everyone is being asked to respond to the CDC’s regulations by October 14th here: and here are over 5,000 comments already left in response:

RIGHT NOW, you can ask shop owners to place the graphic (above, grab artwork) in their windows.  You can add the text from last year (update as you wish) on the back of the flyers and even use the graphic on this blog if you feel people are more likely to post it in their windows (I have always had success with this “Vaccine Injury” graphic) or you can bring both graphics and give them a choice: (regular 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper is fine).

KICK-OFF on September 30th ~ Town Hall Meeting on Response to CDC Power Grab PLUS Stunning Vaccine Schedule through Age 1 (47 vaccine doses on 2016 schedule from pregnancy through infancy  SPEECHES (will be taped for TV), Discussion and Planning at 8pm this Friday in NYC (if you can participate, inbox me at my contact below).

October 1st & 2nd:  Visit legislators at the Federal and State Levels (in their home offices) to inform them that you do not consent to the CDC’s preposterous rules to vaccinate, detain and fine adults.  Recommend to Congress that they withdraw from the Department of Health and Human Services (who passed the responsibility down to the CDC) the power to propose these rules.  “PREcommunicable”?  Really?

OCTOBER EVENTS ~ Add YOUR EVENT in the “Discussion” area and I will add it to the list for this month OR inbox me at my contact below).  Includes a Stand on the steps of City Hall, screening of “Vaxxed”, a Rally outside the CDC in Atlanta plus addressing the CDC directly (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, must register by 9/29 must see ALL vaccines and when they will be addressed and which accept public comments here:

READ about some of the recent BOMBSHELLS that have dropped:

CONTACT Sallie O. Elkordy here

P. S. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS!  The Governor of California, bill sponsors Pan and Allen and all the Legislators who voted for SB277 have been SERVED (as well as their spouses).  Interview with Travis Middleton (co-host Candyce Estave): ~ Support this effort

P. P. S. LISTEN to interviews that disclose NEW FINDINGS from Dr. Seneff (co-host Kerra Icansketchu) and Dr. Martini (co-host Dr. Carley) and Alfred Lambremont Webre


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