From Executive Orders to Standing Orders, GOOD Ideas Don’t Require Force!

50 Child Survival Advocates throughout the USA call for a National Moratorium on Vaccination Now! (special thanks to Otto Lund for uploading the photos and music to create this video).  Be inspired and join us!

Since my previous update regarding the CDC’s hubris-filled proposal to vaccinate or detain and fine healthy people and communities (, an Executive Order was signed on November 4th and something called “Standing Orders” are being implemented, both of which are intended to get adults to capitulate to being vaccinated.

November 4th Executive Order signed by President Obama:
“Standing Orders” to be implemented as if they were lawful: &

Never say you haven’t been warned!

By now many are aware that the Nation of Islam’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan has spoken to warn his flock that there are dangers to accepting vaccination, but did you know about Rabbi Handler, a Holocaust survivor who has come out to warn the Jewish people not to entrust their health to vaccination?  Here is one of the two articles he has published in the Jewish Press, republished by Age of Autism:

Why doesn’t the establishment want Religious leaders to speak about politics?  Because it MATTERS!  Why do they say it’s impolite to discuss politics?  Because it MATTERS… and we should sit back and allow ourselves to be manipulated into believing what we are fed.  Discourse on issues that matter benefit the human race and may even unite us!  That’s right… and in case you haven’t noticed, when the authorities need the clergy to speak up for their interests, it happens (discussed in this interview with student Minister Tony Muhammad, so let’s level the playing field and save our children.

Now, where are the Priests, the Reverends and the Buddhist Monks?  Why won’t they save their flocks?  How could they be so callous?  Their flocks will perish if they say nothing.  Last time I mentioned vaccines to a Priest he bolted so fast that I was taken aback by the fact that priests could run that fast.  I wish I were joking!

The PREMISE of vaccination is faulty and dangerous and must be exposed to stop all the dangers that accompany it’s acceptance.  This simple, scientific explanation leaves no questions, so listen and share because the scientist who wrote it, has researched vaccination more thoroughly over more years than anyone else alive.  You may use the text under this video, but must credit it’s author, Viera Schiebner, PhD:

~ We do have good people running for Public Office, but instead of shoring them up, we ignore them because they have no funding to speak of:  Andrea Boland of Maine, former House Representative for Maine, recently lost her bid for State Senate against a well funded incumbent

~ We do have media outlets who report the truth, but instead of shoring them up, we marginalize them as alternative:  The Robert Scott Bell Show

~ We do have citizens who are willing to forego personal gain to educate the masses and commit their lives to extensive research for the sole purpose of saving humanity, but deride their efforts and ridicule them as preposterous resources, when it’s completely the opposite:  John Scudamore of interviewed

~ We do have advocates for the survival of children who don’t have degrees or letters after their names, but whose commitment to this goal surpasses those who offer bills for their questionable “services”:  Sarai Flores

Truth on TELEVISION:  “What’s Wrong With Vaccines?” ~ Airing Nov 16th at 3pm and Nov 22 at 1:30pm on MNN Channel 56 Time Warner Cable in Manhattan ~ One hour  program starring 8 Parents of Vaccine Injured Children: (and online at Ch. 2).


VACCINE REALITIES:  Parents Speak!  ~ Interviews on each type of vaccine, multi-shots and no shots at all:

As of August 2016, EIGHT doses of vaccination allowable for Pregnant Women and 33 in the first year of life (please listen to this interview with Mary Tocco if you are currently pregnant or know someone who is:  This is the end of humanity, unless you STAND UP NOW!  I can’t give you courage, but I can assure you that your silence will NOT save you.   Special thanks to Yuka Azuma and Christian Palma with whom I stand in the photo above.  See this (one page when printed in 8 point type) legislation for a Vaccine Free Nation.  Same as it was back in 2013 because you don’t need to know any more than what is stated to BAN VACCINES… if only you will… or we can.  Call for a Moratorium, Demand a Ban, or in your person and your family go VACCINE FREE:

I’m running for Mayor of NYC and hope to SAVE 8 million New Yorkers in doing so.  Please contact me on FB and Twitter: @VaccineFreeNYC ~ To your health! Sallie O. Elkordy

Mothers Speak about Vaccine Reactions including Autism, HPV Injuries, Infant and Fetal Death

Autism Mothers Sheila, Stefanie and Leah SPEAK at City Hall in NYC.

Mothers of Girls with Multiple Injuries from the HPV Vaccine

Alisa on Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS) and Polly on Autism:

What Donna WISHES she was informed of PRIOR to Vaccination:

Going BACK to CITY HALL on 11/11, Veterans Day (a public school holiday, children are welcome) at 1pm in NYC.  Stand with us and speak with us..  Taping for Television.  EVENT: