Trump says, “Too Many Too Soon” regarding Vaccines. He says, “Vaccines Cause Autism”. He is the FIRST President to speak these DANGEROUS Truths. Support him or prepare to be vaccinated!

Tonight I celebrated Trump’s victory all by myself, living in a City of “Trump Apologists”.  Excuuuuuuse me!  The man was just inaugurated and the first e-mail I receive is this petition calling for his impeachment? ~ Give the man a chance for crying out loud!

Trump says they are giving too many vaccines too soon.  See the CDC Vaccine schedule above dating back to the day many of us were vaccinated and then compare the current schedule.  AGHHHHH!  And here are the INGREDIENTS, the DISEASES which result, and the INTENT to harm.  The mortality rate, the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated survey and the Nuremberg Code.  It’s ALL here:  All of Congress has received this too… since 2013!

Donald Trump also says that Vaccines Cause AUTSIM.  Damn straight they do!  It’s on the package insert to the DTaP vaccine.  There is no secret, just deception!  This is why the mainstream media is the “fake news”.  Trump called them on THAT too!

Trump called the Flu Shot a “SCAM”!  Bingo!!!

I just came back from DC and could tell you a story or two, but instead I am PUTTING OUT THE WORD to call into my show if you saw outrageous misconduct toward a President who has yet to fail anyone… and toward his supporters too.  This is sponsored mischief and the source is welcome to call into my show and CONFESS!  Check the comment area under this blog update so you know when this radio program will transpire.  Also, contact me here if you went to the inauguration and want to say what you experienced.  The world needs to know.  If you’re brave enough to listen to parents describe their children’s vaccine reactions, then I ask you to SHARE THEM.  I recorded them to be shared to STOP THE SHOT:

I’m about to HIT the STREETS to Campaign Hard to become The Mayor of the City of NY for a VACCINE FREE NYC this year!  Not having deep pockets, I could really use some help.  Boots on the Ground so to speak this July to get signatures.  Anyone game for a WIN?  Me too!!! Message me here if you will help:

VACCINE FREE 2017 & BEYOND!  Sallie O. Elkordy @VaccineFreeNYC

See You At The Inauguration!

I will be attending the inauguration and other events over the next few of days in DC and if you will be there, please let me know and perhaps we can meet up: @VaccineFreeNYC on Facebook

Listen to 15 interviews about post vaccination death:, plus the latest here:

I am going to support President Trump because he says, they are giving too many vaccines too soon (understatement of the year, but at least he has acknowledged this and has never backed down) and vaccines cause autism. BINGO!

Trump has also established a Commission on Vaccination and wants to investigate the FDA. Okay by me!!!

Here’s my new banner for the occasion. Hoping all goes well, since there are many who do not wish it to.

Vaccine Free 2017, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. Hope you like the new banner for the occasion!

Create JOY, GREATNESS & JUSTICE. Eradicate Vaccines for a Happy 2017!

R.I.P. Kevin Reeves, Child Survival Advocate and distributor of THOUSANDS of cards, flyers and stickers to EDUCATE parents about the dangers of vaccines.  Kevin passed away on January 6, 2017. Helpful and heroic, our loss is heaven’s gain cause Kevin’s in heaven!

Make ‘Em Laugh 2017 (Joe Jones and Lisa Kathleen Lasker join me for an hour of Jokes and Merriment to kick-off the new year on a high note):

PARENTING 101:  Vaccines Steal Greatness (Mary Pulles Cavanaugh, Author of “The Book on Greatness”) and Deny Justice (Donna Knepple explains the royal screwing Autism Parents receive):

“Parenting 101” will be a MONTHLY Lecture Series and was initiated while standing to educate parents from the Steps of City Hall in NYC.  Donna L. Delikat explains what she wishes someone told her before she trustingly vaccinated her now autistic daughter Kristina (who repeatedly points to the signage that says, “Vaccines Are Not Healthy”):

State Owned Children.  BIG PROBLEM and newly introduced in a bill, SB18 sponsored by the notorious Richard Pan, State Senator from CA.  I will be interviewing people who have suffered through child confiscation by the State and those who understand the ramifications of this loosely worded piece of legislation, SB18:  SB18 threatens everyone as it appears to be the enactment of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which denies rights to children and families).  Interviews thus far with Karri Lewis, Dr. Carley, Paul Fassa and Christina Hildebrand (also included is an interview by others with Jon Rappoport):

Get out in the Streets!  Be inspired by Kevin Reeves and make it your business to educate and activate there.  The general public is our target because once awake and aware, there will be no stopping the REVERSAL of our out-of-control controllers and the harm they have done to our children.  Censoring information has been enacted into law recently  Do not despair, just make up your mind to always do what you can to save children.  I guess they think they can legislate away our natural instinct to protect the vulnerable.  Nope!

I wish you Joy and Justice and Greatness too.  There is much work to be done, please don’t forget to have some FUN!

Happy 2017, Sallie O. Elkordy

FB & Twitter: @VaccineFreeNYC ~ Radio: “The Mary and Sallie Show”