EU’s Landmark Evidence-based ruling could be a Game Changer! ~ “Parenting” with Mary Pulles Cavanaugh

The Title; the Photo; the Lecture; and the Video all address different issues relating to vaccination.  The vaccine legislation proposed for 2017 follows and then a retrospective.

Evidence-based legal rulings on vaccinations.  Imagine that!  Any other issue and you would EXPECT this, but not Vaccines thus far in the USA (since the liability has been lifted from the industry and professions by Congresss in 1986 and upheld in 2011 by the US Supreme Court).  The European Union has recently ruled that evidence will be considered when ruling on vaccine injury cases (yes, outcomes will be judged on this basis!).  Please read two articles and watch one video on this precedent-setting ruling.  It could be THE GAME CHANGER!

  1. Article by Christina England:
  2. Article by Jefferey Jaxon:
  3. Dr. Tenpenny:

A touch of HUMOR:  the photo of Mary Pulles Cavanaugh (in the VAXXED shirt above) with Minnie Mouse reveals that not only are Children SICK of being experimented-on with vaccines, but so are MICE!  Mini grabbed Mary to pose for this photo, and we trust that she understood the enormity of what the shirt represents.  If you don’t, please listen:

Mary recently joined Donna Knepple and me for a “PARENTING 101” lecture in Manhattan which will air on Television this fall.  We had a radio program by the same title that covers the issues important to these two mothers with children on the Autism spectrum:  A third Mother , Iris Figueroa, the mother of a vaccine injured child was supposed to join us but her daughter had to be rushed to the hospital so she sent this statement:

I posted a lecture from 2015 in the comments area below, “VACCINATION 101” which addresses legislation.  While the lecture was created for both legislators and parents, only the latter attended.  Please take time to see the 2017 legislation that has been proposed.  You will not believe what you read in terms of the kinds of vaccine bills the legislature is attempting to pass in NY State (these bills are copycats of bills in other States, so if you live in America, this applies to you):

Synopsis of the 14 bills we OPPOSED in 2017 (bills that affect adults = +):

~ Expands vaccine tracking system to release blood lead levels to schools

~ Mandates flu vaccine for children attending daycare

~ Requires school district reporting vaccine exemptions by school to Education Department for public

~ Eliminates the religious belief exemption to vaccination

~ Allows health care practitioners to administer HPV/Hep B Vaccines to minors without parental consent

Allows detention of individuals and groups posing a public health threat

Expands forced detainment and treatment to include vaccine preventable diseases

Mandates vaccines for employees working in children’s camps

~ Mandates HPV Vaccine

+ Requires a physician signature for a religious belief exemption to vaccination

Allows pharmacy interns to administer vaccines

~ Allows pharmacist to administer flu vaccines to children 9 years and older

~ Requires a mandatory protocol be established for all children’s religious belief exemptions

Makes changes to existing law concerning reporting of adult vaccines

Lastly, I created this BRIGHT FUTURE 83 blog because my former one had shut down.  It appears to be up and running now, so my latest update there is a synopsis of the past year, or a trip down memory lane

The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban.

To you health!  Sallie O. Elkordy; /VaccineFreeRadio; /VaccineFreeTV; /VaccineFree2015 & /VaccineFree2017 (the basics)

P. S. More from Iris Figueroa and latest article from Sandy Lunoe (very enlightening):


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