Best of “The Mary and Sallie Show” 2017-2016 ~ Vaccine Free Radio

Happy INDEPENDENCE Day to all.  May you be Vaccine FREE for the 4th of July and every day therefrom!  

My name is Sallie O. Elkordy ( and in the video above you will see a picture of my vaccine injured and deceased sister Mary, whose tragic life inspired “THE MARY AND SALLIE SHOW”, the longest running radio program dedicated to vaccination information.  Here are the most popular episodes from the first half of 2017 and the latter half of 2016.

2017 ~ Starting with the most recent radio programs:

GULF WAR SYNDROME plus Vaccine Reactions to the Ingredients within discussed among Veteran Sherrie Saunders and her friends Deniece Young and Holley Wages ~ SHERRIE & FRIENDS! ~ The Mary and Sallie Show

HPV Vaccine ~ Christina England, Activist/Author & Amanda Dew, Victim’s Mother

VAXXED Stars: Sheila Ealey, Andrew Wakefield & Del Bigtree ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

For Zero Geoengineering, Take Action! ~ Jolie Diane ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Iris Figueroa STUNS Poison Control with Vaccines Contents ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

K. Rojek, POLAND & A. Watson, UK ~ June 3 Vaccine Injury Actions ~ Host Elkordy

Holly Marie Stavola’s Story Mother Robin & Brother Tom ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

Christina England ~ 4 Vax-Unvax Studies, #IStandWithChase & More ~ Host Elkordy

12 Shots-1 Day Italian Children Giorgio Tremante, Silvia Ghiretti, Host Elkordy

Jeremy Hammond ~ AAP, Where’s the Science Proving Vaccines Safe? ~ Host Elkordy

Terry Roark on California’s SB18 and the Aftermath of SB277 Host Sallie Elkordy

2017 ALERT & AWARENESS ~ NY & NJ Right Now! ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre & Elkordy

Autism Sibling Ben Thompson ~ MOTHER EMPOWERMENT Carly Mitchell ~ Host Elkordy

Dear President Trump, Support a Vaccine Safety Commission ~ Judy Mikovits, PhD

SheilaEALEY & Dr.HOOKER, Revolution4TRUTH ~ NurseJAMES, HR1313 Host Elkordy

Preventing Preemie Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Ida Briggs Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Mary E. Tocco, Medical Citations Documenting Injury From Vaccines ~ Host Elkordy

Stop Child Stealing by the State, STOP SB18! ~ Gabriel Silva ~ Hicks & Elkordy

Dr. Betty Martini ~ ASPARTAME ACTIVIST ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

WE DON’T VACCINATE! Myth and Reality of Vaccination Campaigns ~ Michael Leitner

Dr. Rebecca Carley is paying a HUGE price for Reversing Vaccine Induced Diseases

Baby Dies Post Shots (Preg, Birth, 2 mos.) ~ Doula Gaela Fisher ~ Host Elkordy

“Empty Stroller Walk”, 3/5 on YOUR Main Street ~ Sherry Frady ~ Host Elkordy

Awwwsome and Sallie’s Valentine’s Day Special ~ Much Ado About Vaccines

JUSTICE for JODIE ~ Patricia & William Marchant ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

Historic Legislation on Pet Vaccines ~ John Robb, DVM ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Vaccine Deaths are being Covered-up ~ Augustina Ursino-Vactruth ~ Host Elkordy

Health Professionals & Vaccines ~ Dr. Rebecca Carley interviews Michael King, RN

Christy Lynn Day Won’t Go Quietly! Baby Boy Reid Died from Vaccination ~ Elkordy

Emery’s Memory: A Life with a Beautiful Purpose ~ August & Jarod Owens ~ Elkordy

Best of the latter part of 2016:

Make ‘Em Laugh 2017! ~ New Year’s Eve CALL-IN 760-890-7144 ~ Your Favorite Joke

Karri Lewis SB18 + Dr. Carley ReversingVIDS + Sheldon Day ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

Special Guest Sherrie Saunders on The Mary and Sallie Show

MADAME GHIS’ Workshop on IDESSITY in Everyday Life 12/28-1/3 Host Sallie Elkordy

Grown Siblings of Vaccine Injured Kids call 760-890-7144 noon ~ Elkordy & Reed

Award Winning “UN-VAXXED: A Documentary for Robert DeNiro” ~ Horowitz & Kane

Tasha David’s In-home Vax vs. Unvax Study + CDC Rally Report ~ Sallie O. Elkordy

John Scudamore on WHY we need a Moratorium on Vaccination Now ~ Host Elkordy

New York Banter with Sallie Elkordy & Herbal Remedies with Sarai Flores

Dr. Betty Martini ~ Aspartame Awareness Month, September ~ Host Elkordy

Russ Tanner ~ Redefining “Groupie” ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Artist Joe Jones, “Life Saver” for Truth Activists ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Zen Honeycutt ~ 10/3 Child Health Day ~ Moms Across America ~ Host Elkordy

Lucy Cole’s Response to the CDC’s Power Grab ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Journalist Catherine J. Frompovich ~ CDC Power Grab ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Kerra Icansketchu of Real Organic Truth on EVERYTHING! ~ Sallie O. Elkordy, Host

Jim West on West Nile Spraying ~ Polio ~ Ultrasound ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Gabby DeVelbiss ~ WHY we need a Moratorium on Vaccination ~ Sallie Elkordy, Host

Shawn Siegel ~ WHY we need a Moratorium on Vaccination ~ Sallie O. Elkordy, Host

Robert Scott Bell ~ Why we need a Moratorium on Vaccination Now! ~ Host Elkordy

The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Dr. Stephanie Seneff & Kerra Icansketchu

ALWAYS REJECT VACCINES (if you need an exemption to attend school, please look up your State here to find assistance so you are successful: and feel free to consider the fifty radio programs above as, “50 REASONS to REJECT VACCINES”.  Listen to the entire archive dating back to 2011:

The only SAFE regulation for Vaccines is a BAN:

To you health!, Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC

P. S. Call for a National Moratorium on Vaccination Now!



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