Wise Woman: Alisha Ritt passed 6 years ago today, on 11/1/11, video from 2009

How many people do you know who were speaking out against BOTH vaccines and aerosol sprayings in 2009 and stating frankly that they are being used to depopulate?  No one!  Alisha and I held 9 meetings on sprayings alone.

Intelligent, feisty, a poet and brilliant pianist (Chopin was her favorite), Alisha Ritt educated and inspired.  Vaccine injured herself from the shingles vaccine, which gave her shingles (and is the lone vaccine you can sue a pharmaceutical company for since it does not appear on the childhood vaccination schedule: http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2017/11/01/thousands-damaged-shingles-vaccine-sues-merck/), she sought to educate others and did so successfully.

Was she dismissed and ridiculed?  Of course, that comes with the territory when you are AWAKE before others, but it never dampened her spirit to convey what is true to the benefit of humanity.  I asked Alisha time and again if I could videotape her and I am so glad she finally agreed and that I can share her with you today.  This is a time-capsule of an early outspoken activist on the topics of Vaccination and GeoEngineering.  Peace activist Cindy Sheehan brought us together indirectly as it was at my fundraiser for Cindy’s run for Congress that we met.

I held a memorial gathering for Alisha at which many people spoke and thankfully her granddaughter was present to meet her friends and admirers.

The photo above was taken the day that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license was revoked.  He was informed about this on air on NBC’s Today Show in Rockefeller Center (appropriately).  This was supposed to be his public humiliation, but instead one would have thought it to be his VICTORY party!  We went to show him support and respect along with a multitude of Autism Mothers to whom he is a hero (latest article about Wakefield was published today: http://vaccineimpact.com/2017/dr-andrew-wakefield-fraud-or-scapegoat/)

Two of Alisha’s favorite websites were http://Educate-Yourself.org and http://BrassCheckTV.com.  She would have wanted you to know since she is not here to educate you herself.

Alisha was my mentor and I miss her, Sallie O. Elkordy https://www.facebook.com/VaccineFreeNYC/



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