President Trump, Make America’s CHILDREN Great Again! ~ Requesting you to sign an Executive Order for a #VaccineFree2017

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I am writing to ask you to outlaw vaccines and save our babies. The common components in vaccines include aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and MSG per the Centers for Disease Control. These are toxic poisons, especially in the blood stream. The results of these poisons are creating very sick or dead children. Children are dying in infancy due to the 33 doses given to them and mothers are miscarrying due to the 4 recommended doses for them. Polysorbate 80 is a sterilization component and is the second ingredient in the Vitamin K shot given to all children in NY State at birth. I could go on, but I believe what I have just stated is sufficient to call for at least a moratorium on this program. Everyone is wise to what I have just informed you of, but are turning their heads away as our children suffer and die. Families are heartbroken needlessly; all from the vaccines they were told were safe and effective, but instead are damaging their children. 

I would appreciate a meeting with you to address every issue regarding vaccination because; as a person whose family has been affected, I have dedicated my time to investigating what went wrong and how it can be fixed. My conclusion is this: 

Please sign an Executive Order for a “VACCINE FREE 2017” due to poisonous contents, resultant diseases, the high infant mortality rate in our Country vs. other Countries who do not administer as many vaccines, and the exceptionally good health of the unvaccinated (there are 4 studies, just none conducted by our government) vs. the vaccinated who suffer chronic ill health. The 1986 Act, which lifted liability from the vaccine manufacturers, also states that informing parents of vaccine risks is NOT required. 

I have approached Congress since 2009 to Ban Vaccines (most recently, and have voted for you because your statements indicated you understood that vaccines were a bona fide threat to children.   We will never make America great unless our children are capable. They are diminished by vaccination. Please outlaw vaccines for Christmas and preserve a future for our Country.

 Sincerely, Sallie O. Elkordy (received by on 12/4/17)


On June 7, 2016, I [Sallie O. Elkordy] addressed the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) of the Department of Health and Human Services to request they recommend a “National Moratorium on Vaccination” using the reasoning of the best researched PhD in Natural Sciences including Biology and Anatomy, Dr. Viera Scheibner.  Here is the video of that day ( and the TEXT, which the NVAC requested and possesses.

“All information on the ineffectiveness of any and all vaccines to prevent the targeted diseases and the seriousness and high level of reactions to any and all vaccines has been documented by medical research and published in reputable medical and scientific journals, right from the beginning of mass vaccination programs. 2. The only response and effect of all and any vaccines is anaphylaxis sensitization, a harmful immune response resulting in increased susceptibility of the vaccine recipients to the targeted diseases and also to related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections. There is no benefit whatsoever from vaccination. The term vaccine “preventable” is false advertising. The long-term deleterious vaccine effects are behind the “modern diseases”, such as cancer, chronic ill health, immunoreactive, autoimmune and immune disorders. Vaccines are contaminated by chemicals and biological, which should never be injected into anything living. Animals suffer the same deleterious effects as humans. 3. Deleterious effects of all and any vaccines are characteristic but not specific to any one vaccine. They are subject to the well-defined concept in medicine (biology) called the non-specific stress syndrome. There are No better and No effective vaccines and any further development of vaccines is futile and should be scrapped. All mass vaccination programs should be abandoned. 4. There is only one immunity, the natural immunity achieved by exposure to natural infectious diseases. As an example, having measles not only results in a life-long solid immunity to measles but also to cancer, asthma and allergies, as published in medical research journals. Natural infectious diseases are beneficial by priming and maturing the immune system and they also represent developmental milestones.


Above are two distinctly separate messages, one realistic and from a person whose family members have been the victims of vaccination and the second from a scientist whose explanation is derived from decades of research.  Everyone reading this has their own perspective and I ask you to send your letter to President Trump at the White House in time for a New Year’s signature on an Executive Order for a VACCINE FREE 2017!

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The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban, Sallie O. Elkordy


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