ALERT! ~ Children are Dying from Vaccination ~ Candlelight Vigils Everywhere on Mother’s Day 2018

2018  Interview about the Vaccine Induced Death of “Bear” (pictured above):  Bear No Needles (the brief life of Berit McAbee) ~ Anne Bliss ~ Host Elkordy

Start Your New Year’s Baby off Right! Empowering Women through BIRTH ~ Erin Gypsy Jones ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

FIFTEEN videos about Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome, or “VIDS”, mistakenly referred to as “SIDS”, “Cot Death”, “SUIDS”, “SBS”, “Co-Sleeping”, etc.

2017:  FIFTEEN Radio Interviews with Parents of Deceased Children resulting from Vaccination:

Christopher Died from a Planned Pandemic Flu Vaccine ~ Kanervisto Ursino Elkordy

Evidence Discarded in Vaccine Induced Death ~ Hill & Fisher ~ Ursino & Elkordy

Marjorie Catone, “Vaccines have Stolen my Perfect Baby Nicholas” ~ Host Elkordy

K. Rojek, POLAND & A. Watson, UK ~ June 3 Vaccine Injury Actions ~ Host Elkordy

Holly Marie Stavola’s Story Mother Robin & Brother Tom ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

A moment of silence in the passing of Italian Activist Giorgio Tremante who lost TWO children to the polio vaccine while a third child was permanently and severely disabled:

12 Shots-1 Day Italian Children Giorgio Tremante, Silvia Ghiretti, Host Elkordy

Terry Roark on California’s SB18 and the Aftermath of SB277 Host Sallie Elkordy

Baby Dies Post Shots (Preg, Birth, 2 mos.) ~ Doula Gaela Fisher ~ Host Elkordy

Preemie Dies Post Vaccination, Blamed on Co-Sleeping ~ Hope Doucet Host Elkordy

Mothers of Angel Babies Note Stunning Similarities ~ Day & Owens ~ Host Elkordy

“Empty Stroller Walk”, 3/5 on YOUR Main Street ~ Sherry Frady ~ Host Elkordy

Madison Died (14 mos.) of Vaccine Induced SUIDS ~ Indigo Grant ~ Elkordy & Ealey

The OUTRAGE that is VACCINES! ~ Ronnie Prine & Alisa Neathery ~ Host Elkordy

Christy Lynn Day Won’t Go Quietly! Baby Boy Reid Died from Vaccination ~ Elkordy

Emery’s Memory: A Life with a Beautiful Purpose ~ August & Jarod Owens ~ Elkordy

Vaccination:  Paying the Ultimate Price ~ TWENTY more Interviews, mostly with Parents of Deceased Children dating back to 2012

FIFTY videos and radio interviews in all addressing the subject of Vaccine Induced Death (VIDS).  PLEASE TAKE THIS AS SERIOUSLY AS IT WARRANTS and OBSERVE MOTHER’S DAY 2018 by holding a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for CHILDREN who have PASSED from VACCINATION.  Please ask your friends to do this too, or ask them to join  you.  If you take photos, please send them to me for inclusion in our forthcoming EVENT page on FB:  

We have had many memorial vigils over the years to raise awareness of children’s lives lost to vaccination on behalf of the bereaved parents they’ve left behind and as a WARNING to PREVENT further tragedies from occurring.  

*** Let not their deaths be in vain!!! ***

Two article regarding DECEPTION with regard to reporting VIDS:

  1. Deception in reporting deaths from an insider:é-into-the-creation-of-mortality-rates-and-its-impact-on-our-pub/10156297076224060/.
  2. Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions:

Additional RESEARCH sources on every issue concerning vaccination:

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#VaccinesKill ~ #OUTLAWvaccines ~ #SaveOurSpecies

“Stay Out of the Way of Technological Development” ~ 5G will TORTURE frequency-sensitive Autistic Children (that’s 1 in 27 boys) and YOU too!

“EMFs & 5G: What Parents Need to Know” ~ Catherine J. Frompovich ~ Host Elkordy

We all possess frequency conducting aluminum in our bodies, but AUTISTIC CHILDREN have “Shockingly High” Levels of Aluminum according to the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI):  Scientists from the UK:  Mold, Umar, King and Exley  Christina England interviews Dr. Exley on Aluminum and the brain:

“Aluminum wire is the most common metal in electric power transmission and distribution. Although only 61% of the conductivity of copper by cross-sectional area, its lower density makes it twice as conductive by mass.”  This response when I googled the question, “Is aluminum an electrical conductor?”

Anne Marie Carey, Activist and Researcher on “The Richie Allan Show”

Joe Imbriano, The Fullerton Informer on 5G:

Max Igan and the Big Picture of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

We are being Modified for the Smart Grid ~ Max Igan

Hearing in Michigan about 5G Legislation:  Call to Action and the Public Speaks:

Whose Responsible for Annihilating the Human Race with 5G and Why?

Today, March 14th I interviewed Anne Marie Carey, Researcher from the UK about 5G, but my guest was cut off of from this interview.  We will pursue this issue further, so stay tuned to “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio”

Share this information, Sallie O. Elkordy (contact me at

P. S. Large quantity of additional information is in the comments area which you definitely want to look at.  As with Vaccines, there is a VAST amount WRONG with 5G and the info below is DIFFERENT than what you have already been warned about.  There is also a video which recommends solutions to EMFs within your home, but ACTION is required to PREVENT this from happening since it is my understanding that this cannot be reversed once implemented.  This is DIRE!

MEN, Join the Fight to #SaveOurSpecies (from vaccines) ~ Your Courageous Voices could DOUBLE our Numbers and Help #TurnTheTide against #Censorshhh!

Pictured above is Emmy Award winning Artist Joe Jones of  Joe speaks through his artwork and has created all of our banners, from “BAN VACCINES 2013” to the latest, which reads “OUTLAW VACCINES”.  About 15 different designs in all.  I interviewed Joe (who provided the artwork for our March in a Parade recently) about the stunning lack of involvement from men on this all-important issue…the Survival of HUMANITY!  We agreed that Men’s Voices are SORELY NEEDED.  Here is a music video by another outspoken male artist, songwriter Daz Nez, who displays many of Joe’s banners in “Word to the Wise:  Always Reject Vaccines!”

Joe recently wrote to Ben Swann to request “Reality Check” cover CENSORSHIP of the Alternative Media.  Certainly the truth about vaccines is highly censored, but there are other issues which threaten the survival of our species as well.  The only thing more dangerous than vaccines is censorship in my estimation.  In this video Ben addressed every issue that Joe raised in his letter, Ben  himself having been censored for over a year from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  We are THRILLED he has returned!  Here’s why:

There are many ways you can participate in the salvation of our children, ourselves and our pets.  You don’t need to be an artist or a reporter to be effective.  All you need is information, a camera and a VOICE.  Put them  together and you can have your own show on local public access TELEVISION where you live… and for FREE!  Who is more misinformed than the television-viewing public?  No one.  Airing television programs locally has had a far greater impact than you might imagine too, so find your local station here (by State and locality):  Having tested 50 actions in one year, this action has been the most EFFECTIVE.  Free in the USA!!!

Two male friends are addressing people honestly about the issue of vaccination (and they have given me permission to air their speeches on TV):  Student Minister Tony Muhammad with the Nation of Islam addressing the disproportionate percentage of black boys with Autism at a rally to preserve exemptions to vaccines (video #8) and Chris Savage, a police officer addressing a group in Australia about infant deaths post Hep B vaccine (video #10):

Men, if you decide to speak publicly and ONLY address the components within vaccines you will have done your part since this is the ENTIRE problem, the poisonous ingredients.  VACCINE EXCIPIENTS:  Aluminum, Anti-Freeze, Animal tissues from cow, dog, monkey, pig, E-Coli, Formaldehyde, Human Fetal Cells, Insects, Mercury, MSG, Polysorbate 80 and entire list here:

Vaccination:  Cease for Peace!

Sallie O. Elkordy (  and Artist for the movement, Joe Jones (

Vaccine Free NYC (group) Marching in the “St. Pat’s for All Parade” this Sunday, March 4th in Queens ~ JOIN US!

Sunday March 4th, meet at 43rd St. & Skillman Ave. Sunnyside, NY at 1pm and step off at 2pm to MARCH in the “ST. PAT’S FOR ALL” Parade with registered group, “VACCINE FREE NYC”

St. Pat’s for All Parade promo on “The Mary and Sallie Show” & “The Robert Scott Bell Show” and post-parade report with Yuka Azuma and Joe Jones:

100 reasons to object to vaccines from 8 Families with vaccine injured children (see 5 short consecutive videos beneath).  School vaccine EXEMPTIONS, see (by State).

UNVACCINATED CHILDREN ARE THRIVING.  This isn’t good for the medical industrial complex.  Listen to four Doctors known as “The Grande Dames of Vaccine Truth”:  Viera Scheibner, PhD, Dr. Ghyland Lanctot, Dr. Rebecca Carley and Dr. Nancy Banks:

Please copy and print the statement below to distribute to Family, Friends, Neighbors, Parents, Legislators & President Donald J. Trump.  Fits on a standard sheet of paper:

Vaccination is Child Abuse.  The Infant Mortality Rate in the USA is our National DISGRACE! Now 1 in 36 children have AUTISM and 54% of our children have CHRONIC ILLNESS. Vaccines also cause sterilization. Recently a teenager who was severely injured by the HPV vaccine committed suicide so that he would not be a burden to his family. In a word, ENOUGH!  Those who PROTECT vaccines do NOT protect children.

VACCINE EXCIPIENTS:  Aluminum, Anti-Freeze, Animal tissues from cow, dog, monkey, pig, E-Coli, Formaldehyde, Human Fetal Cells, Insects, Mercury, MSG, Polysorbate 80 plus:  Would you drink it?  Do you think it should it be injected into a child’s bloodstream?  If the answer is NO, read on.

Born in the sixties, you may have received 3 vaccines total through age 18.  Now the CDC recommends 37 doses of these toxic concoctions through JUST the first year of life… REALLY!  Pediatricians are incentivized to get a high percentage of their patients vaccinated, which is why you may be “fired” by your physician if you decline. 

The Supreme Court of the United States says vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” yet has upheld a LACK of LIABILITY for manufacturers and doctors instead of banning them.  Our Government acknowledges that vaccines are poison, see chart: yet Poison Control said it would be a CRIME to inject a child with the known components in vaccines:

Vaccine induced deaths are many and covered up (which is why you haven’t heard about this until now):  Two notes:  1) Congress passed a law allowing our Government to propagandize the American people.  2) The FDA was established by the founders of The American Eugenics Society

Call for a National Moratorium on Vaccination at the Department of Health and Human Services on June 7, 1916 (video with text by Dr. Scheibner:

“1. All information on the ineffectiveness of any and all vaccines to prevent the targeted diseases and the seriousness and high level of reactions to any and all vaccines has been documented by medical research and published in reputable medical and scientific journals, right from the beginning of mass vaccination programs. 2. The only response and effect of all and any vaccines is anaphylaxis sensitization, a harmful immune response resulting in increased susceptibility of the vaccine recipients to the targeted diseases and also to related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections. There is no benefit whatsoever from vaccination. The term “vaccine preventable” is false advertising. The long-term deleterious vaccine effects are behind the “modern diseases”, such as cancer, chronic ill health, immunoreactive, autoimmune and immune disorders. Vaccines are contaminated by chemicals and biological, which should never be injected into anything living. Animals suffer the same deleterious effects as humans. 3. Deleterious effects of all and any vaccines are characteristic but not specific to any one vaccine. They are subject to the well-defined concept in medicine (biology) called the non-specific stress syndrome. There are No better and No effective vaccines and any further development of vaccines is futile and should be scrapped. All mass vaccination programs should be abandoned. 4. There is only one immunity, the natural immunity achieved by exposure to natural infectious diseases. As an example, having measles not only results in a life-long solid immunity to measles but also to cancer, asthma and allergies, as published in medical research journals. Natural infectious diseases are beneficial by priming and maturing the immune system and they also represent developmental milestones.” –Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences including Biology and Anatomy (

The only SAFE regulation for vaccines is a BAN.

SLAINTE!, Sallie O. Elkordy ~

Thank you to‎ Yuriko Yamaki for the Parade Photo!

P. S. Article from Bobby Kennedy’s World Mercury Project pertaining to VACCINES:  “Childhood Cancers Rising Same as Autism – Cancer Now #1 Cause of Death in Children”