ALERT! ~ Children are Dying from Vaccination ~ Candlelight Vigils Everywhere on Mother’s Day 2018

2018  Interview about the Vaccine Induced Death of “Bear” (pictured above):  Bear No Needles (the brief life of Berit McAbee) ~ Anne Bliss ~ Host Elkordy

Start Your New Year’s Baby off Right! Empowering Women through BIRTH ~ Erin Gypsy Jones ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

FIFTEEN videos about Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome, or “VIDS”, mistakenly referred to as “SIDS”, “Cot Death”, “SUIDS”, “SBS”, “Co-Sleeping”, etc.

2017:  FIFTEEN Radio Interviews with Parents of Deceased Children resulting from Vaccination:

Christopher Died from a Planned Pandemic Flu Vaccine ~ Kanervisto Ursino Elkordy

Evidence Discarded in Vaccine Induced Death ~ Hill & Fisher ~ Ursino & Elkordy

Marjorie Catone, “Vaccines have Stolen my Perfect Baby Nicholas” ~ Host Elkordy

K. Rojek, POLAND & A. Watson, UK ~ June 3 Vaccine Injury Actions ~ Host Elkordy

Holly Marie Stavola’s Story Mother Robin & Brother Tom ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

A moment of silence in the passing of Italian Activist Giorgio Tremante who lost TWO children to the polio vaccine while a third child was permanently and severely disabled:

12 Shots-1 Day Italian Children Giorgio Tremante, Silvia Ghiretti, Host Elkordy

Terry Roark on California’s SB18 and the Aftermath of SB277 Host Sallie Elkordy

Baby Dies Post Shots (Preg, Birth, 2 mos.) ~ Doula Gaela Fisher ~ Host Elkordy

Preemie Dies Post Vaccination, Blamed on Co-Sleeping ~ Hope Doucet Host Elkordy

Mothers of Angel Babies Note Stunning Similarities ~ Day & Owens ~ Host Elkordy

“Empty Stroller Walk”, 3/5 on YOUR Main Street ~ Sherry Frady ~ Host Elkordy

Madison Died (14 mos.) of Vaccine Induced SUIDS ~ Indigo Grant ~ Elkordy & Ealey

The OUTRAGE that is VACCINES! ~ Ronnie Prine & Alisa Neathery ~ Host Elkordy

Christy Lynn Day Won’t Go Quietly! Baby Boy Reid Died from Vaccination ~ Elkordy

Emery’s Memory: A Life with a Beautiful Purpose ~ August & Jarod Owens ~ Elkordy

Vaccination:  Paying the Ultimate Price ~ TWENTY more Interviews, mostly with Parents of Deceased Children dating back to 2012

FIFTY videos and radio interviews in all addressing the subject of Vaccine Induced Death (VIDS).  PLEASE TAKE THIS AS SERIOUSLY AS IT WARRANTS and OBSERVE MOTHER’S DAY 2018 by holding a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for CHILDREN who have PASSED from VACCINATION.  Please ask your friends to do this too, or ask them to join  you.  If you take photos, please send them to me for inclusion in our forthcoming EVENT page on FB:  

We have had many memorial vigils over the years to raise awareness of children’s lives lost to vaccination on behalf of the bereaved parents they’ve left behind and as a WARNING to PREVENT further tragedies from occurring.  

*** Let not their deaths be in vain!!! ***

Two article regarding DECEPTION with regard to reporting VIDS:

  1. Deception in reporting deaths from an insider:é-into-the-creation-of-mortality-rates-and-its-impact-on-our-pub/10156297076224060/.
  2. Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions:

Additional RESEARCH sources on every issue concerning vaccination:

CONTACT Sallie O. Elkordy, Host of “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio” (archive at

#VaccinesKill ~ #OUTLAWvaccines ~ #SaveOurSpecies


8 thoughts on “ALERT! ~ Children are Dying from Vaccination ~ Candlelight Vigils Everywhere on Mother’s Day 2018”

    1. If you are asking yourself HOW can this be true, that babies are dying from vaccination. This video directly above is a perfect example of the LACK of concern your taxes are paying for.


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