Infant mortality on the day of birth in the USA is 50% HIGHER than the rest of the developed world COMBINED!!!  Please share this info with everyone.  Perhaps THIS statistic will awaken and ACTIVATE the previously ignorant or perpetually indifferent.

Infant mortality in the USA is a closely guarded secret.  The CAUSE, VACCINES is completely CENSORED; and propagandized to us as “safe”, of all things!  Did you know that the 1986 law to remove liability from vaccine manufacturers and healthcare workers also states that parents and guardians are NOT required to be informed of the known risks?  Congress protected these perpetrators, leaving the children receiving theses poisonous injections to perish and their families confused (and heartbroken).  The Supreme Court upheld this law stating that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” instead of banning them for that exact reason.  Our Government has FAILED US.  Our “trusted family physicians”, on the front line of this assault and having taken an oath to “first do no harm” have too!

“Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?”

15 Videos about Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome (VIDS).

“U.S. Kids More Likely to Die Than Kids in 19 Other Nations ~ The U.S. could have spared 600,000 lives“:

NYC A-L-E-R-T!!!  The OVERTURNED flu shot mandate for the TOTS in NYC has been itself overturned (or reinstated) and now UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXEMPTION; which is extremely difficult to get in NYC, you MUST HOMESCHOOL for Daycare through Kindergarten! This man MAY be able to get you an exemption in NYC if you are unable to stay home with your child:  So you realize, the first year you get the Flu Shot, the CDC calls for TWO of them (depending on what age you start:  6 months to 59 months old infants/toddlers).  *Important CLARIFICATION on the State’s ruling in the comment area beneath which only New Yorkers need to research.

KEY information about pregnancy, birth and infancy here:

50 interviews with families of children who have passed post-vaccination, mostly infants here:!

What’s in a vaccine?  Common components according to the CDC include Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Mercury and MSG.  Here are the other components, vaccine by vaccine:  Note:  if you think it can’t get worse, the latest component added on the schedule of vaccine excipients is E.Coli (in the meningitis vaccine).

COMPARE the following two statements:

“I was born in 1960 and received 5 doses of vaccines through the age of 18.”

“In 2018, in accordance with the CDC Schedule, infants receive 33 doses of vaccines in the first year of life (two of those at birth) as part of 74 vaccine doses through age 18.”

You never have to accept a vaccine and you can get exemptions for school.  Most people are unaware of this, so you must tell them (as I always say, “Risk Ridicule and Save a Child”).  See your state’s requirements for school here and find someone in your State to help you too

“Of 103 children who died of SIDS, 70% had received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks” ~

If the CDC’s current pregnancy schedule is followed, 4 doses in pregnancy with 4 additional doses allowable.  Many children are never even born due to the overwhelming vaccine schedule their mothers’ received.  Medical text books of yore instructed, ‘NEVER vaccinate a pregnant woman nor animal’.  What has changed?  How do they now justify this or do they not bother to?  The answer is the latter.

“The Plausible Connection between Vaccines and SIDS” talks about vaccination through infancy (thru a child’s first birthday) as does the first video above (10 of the dozen children referred to by name, died in infancy post-vaccination):

Two articles on DECEPTION with regard to reporting VIDS (vaccine-induced death syndrome):

  1. Deception in reporting deaths from an insider:
  2. Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions:


I know I have!!!  Help STOP this CRIME (which actually starts with the OFFERING of poison to be injected into children).  Most Doctors actually know better (but are monetarily incentivized to inject your child through the age of two).  Since you too now know better,  do nothing and the vaccine schedule will increase (271 new vaccines await adults), OR you can get active NOW wherever you may be.  Resources for your research and recommended actions here:

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S.  ADULTS, this is for YOU!  HR1313 for MANDATORY VACCINES for EMPLOYMENT ~ ~ ~


Short link to this blog update:


  1. NEW SIX-IN-ONE VACCINE FOR INFANTS. What could go wrong when it’s FDA approved?
    ~ “Infanrix Hexa Vaccine Found To Contain 65 Unknown-to-science Compounds, Latest Corvelva Investigative Assays Reveal” by Catherine Frompovich:
    ~ “New Vaccine Approved by FDA Despite 6 Infant Deaths During US Studies” by Christina England
    ~ “FDA Approves Super Vaccine (6 in 1 Shot) To Launch By 2020”


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