3 STEP PLAN to #SaveOurSpecies

Educate yourself so you can be an Ambassador for a Vaccine Free World:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeWorld (25 good websites + actions). Sign this petition to Congress for a National Memorial to Vaccine Victims:  Tinyurl.com/VVM2020 (honoring both deceased and injured). Run for public office for the Vaccine Free Party to #OutlawVaccines and #SaveOurSpecies:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2Victory! Dr. Viera Scheibner encouraged … Continue reading “3 STEP PLAN to #SaveOurSpecies”

START by taking THREE ACTIONS.  Each has a different purpose (explained within the links provided) but all lead toward the just end of eradicating the biggest threat to our children’s survival, vaccines.
  1. Educate yourself so you can be an Ambassador for a Vaccine Free World:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeWorld ~ 25 good websites + model legislation for a “Vaccine Free World” (Nation, State or City) + Video on Vaccine Basics + Recommended Actions.
  2. Sign this petition to Congress for a National Memorial to Vaccine Victims:  Tinyurl.com/VVM2020 (or start one for your Country).  Latest petition update has a Historical Perspective and includes the 4 updates which preceeded it about:  1) Vaccine Induced Autism, 2) HPV Vaccine Injuries, 3) Pregnancy & Birth, 4) False Diagnosis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) & Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS): Tinyurl.com/DocRaymond.
  3. RUN for Public Office for the “VACCINE FREE” Party (wherever you live) and Outlaw Vaccines to #SaveOurSpecies.  You may not realize this, but people ARE ready!  I explain how I know they’re ready for “Vaccine Free” over “Health Freedom” here:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2Victory!

Dr. Viera Scheibner wrote to me stating, “This is great.  Thank you!”.  A word from her was all I needed to update this blog to INSPIRE ALL to ACT.  Everything I ask of you, I have already done and am doing (Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC). Numbers are what’s needed and that’s where YOU come in!

Alfred Lambremont Webre, a War Crimes Judge classifies vaccination as “The War Crime of Genocide”: https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-november-2-2019/ and  Tinyurl.com/VaccinePanel.

Recommended Audio/Videos/Article/Book:

Listen to Grande Dames of Vaccine Truth :  Drs. Scheibner, Lanctot, Carley and Banks consecutively for 3 hours and be well informed beyond all others.  Get a pen, take notes and share the knowledge acquired:  Tinyurl.com/GrandeDamesofVaccineTruth.  Here is a 15 minute clip from that 3 hours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F_yj1T8Qu8.

Listen to two of the wisest women I know:  Pamela Evans Gerry, Holistic R. N. and Eileen Dannemann, founder of the VaccineLiberationArmy.com and the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) as they address vaccines and related issues during our 10th Anniversary salute to October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  You will be rewarded if you do!  brighteon.com/880125de-d4c8-4722-82b2-6654149722e9

Read this article written by NYC Activist and Mother Yuka Azuma (pictured with me above) about the Vaxxed II event we attended together entitled, “I Wish Someone Told Me.  That’s Why I’m Telling You“: https://steemit.com/vaxxed/@yukaonelove/i-wish-someone-told-me-that-s-why-i-m-telling-you.

Next please listen to Young Vaccine Activists MMAMV, the hope of the future!  Thanks to Roger Landry of TheLibertyBeacon.com (TLB) for introducing me to Maryellen Sunshine, Allie French and Maggie Strugnell:  https://www.brighteon.com/b2d6b98c-ad00-4b4e-801d-58326b378468

Joel Lord, author of the new book, KeepThemFromHarm.com and founder of the VaccineResistanceMovement.org speaks about Science, Ethics and the Problem with Vaccines.  You can hear the entire three hour interview on RBN links beneath.

The only SAFE regulation for vaccines is a BAN,

Sallie O. Elkordy ~ OctoberVIAM@aol.com.

P. S. LIVE every Saturday from 7pm-10 EST, listen to RepublicBroadcasting.org.  RBN’s back-to-back radio programs:  “Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” (archived at: Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeAmerica) followed by “Immunize Wizely with Ingri Cassel” (Ingri’s website is VacLib.org and her show is archived at Tinyurl.com/ImmunizeWizely).

P. P. S. Thank you to Joe Jones of Airmail-Greetings.com for the beautiful banner art.

P. P. P. S. I conclude with a “Scientific Exemption from Vaccination” from Dr. Rebecca Carley (who has spent the last 20 years reversing vaccine induced diseases and refers to vaccines as “Weapons of Mass Destruction”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z-UAqTIZYM.