GREAT DAY for N. J.!!! ~ New Jersey sets the standard for Unity & Success. Retains Vaccine Exemptions!

60 PHOTOS from January 13, 2020:

From the first Victory on Dec. 16, 2019 to the final Triumph of January 20, 2020, listen to those who’ve lived every moment of it. Kathleen Whelan, who has helped fellow parents of vaccine injured children get the services they were entitled to speaks first (‘Jersey girls are fighters and we don’t put up with nonsense.’) and Kathleen Colfer Seravalli, an autism mother and co-founder of New Jersey Medical Freedom Alliance speaks after the final win (saying twice, “I feel like I won the lottery!“), but it has been their non-stop diligence and ability to work together which won the day. Hallelujah and Congratulations to all the parents for retaining their religious exemptions so their children can attend school without having to take poisonous vaccines (  One should not even need an exemption for that!

The second half of this video has 60 pictures of the individual banners the protestors brought with them the last day.  If you live in New Jersey, you may recognize your neighbors!  If you do, please share these photos with them:

Despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) public assurance that “vaccines are safe and effective”, at their conference two years ago they reveal a lack of safety studies, their concern over the dangerous components within vaccines and adverse reactions to them:  These are precisely the concerns parents have, yet WHO says people revealing this would endanger public health.  No, NOT revealing this endangers public health!  As Kathleen Colfer Seravalli states, “Trust the Moms” (they have nothing to gain but well children and nothing to lose but well children).

“Sweeney pulls Lagana committee assignments over vaccination vote”

Report on the legislature from a NJ local news station.  Surprising candor from a mainstream media outlet!

I don’t know who to credit for the crowd shot at the NJ State Senate above, but I thank that person for taking it and for it’s use.

GREAT DAY 4 N. J.!!!

To your health, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. Short link for this blog update:

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