The Fear Virus

WHITE HOUSE PETITION (needs 100,000 signatures by May 10, 2020):  We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity + “Medical Tyranny

WHITE HOUSE PETITION #2 (needs 100,000 signatures by May 10, 2020): “Stop ID2020. Investigate Bill Gates assets , stocks , and companies.”

“Six Feet Apart:  the Interviews”  Please join my new group, “The Golden Rule”:

APRIL FOOLS PLANDEMIC & SOLUTION on Public Advocate with Alfred Lambremont Webre and Host Sallie O. Elkordy.  Thanks to Otto Lund for creating this VIDEO:

“Gates Globalist Vaccine Agenda:  A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination”

ID 2020:  Alliance Governance

Sweden ignores restrictions.  Solution?  Time will tell!

Medical Martial Law:  Can We Sue for Loss of Our Civil Liberties.  VIDEO  From this aricle:

Celeste Solum, “NO Way Back ~ 20yr. FEMA Officer Lays Out The VERY Long Planned ‘GREAT RESET’ Agenda” (takes off at 20 minutes into video):  For you to move about the Earth Cabin:  1) Collecting DNA through testing for CV; 2) Experimenting with 48 different vaccine platforms, some will sterilize you; 3) Hydrogel with nano particles will be injected into you.  Grows and fuses into your tissue and not removable and you become one with your computer.  It is a tracking device. ~ Makes you more susceptible to 5G.

More People Died of Suicide last week in Tennessee than Covid-19:

NBC’s Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel:  US Must Stay Locked Down for 12-18 Months Until There is a VACCINE:

Corona Virus Vaccine Kills 7 Infants in Senegal Immediately: and as back-up:

CDC Director: Coronavirus Death Toll Will Be ‘Much, Much, Much Lower’ than Projected


Level of CORRUPTION is so vast there is only one way:

Corona:  Creating the Illusion of a Pandemic Through Diagnostic Testing

Fauci sets the stage for mandatory vaccination:

FORCED VACCINATION in Dallas Hospital (first and last  3 minutes tell the tale of a man being vaccinated against his will):  Houston; I mean DALLAS, we have a PROBLEM!!

Death Certificates are being manipulated.  No universal definition of COVID-19 death.

More fudging on the Death Certificates:

Dr. Buttar’s Warnings:

Kevin Galalae’s evidence that there is no pandemic has already reached more than 200,000 people around the world:

“Overnight, the U.S. Has Become a Medical Police State”

The TEST KITS are contaminated with Corona Virus.  SURPRISE! &

“Evidence the COVID-19 Pandemic is False” by Kevin Galalae

No Vaccine(s), No Freedom.

ICU Doctor likens to HIGH ALTITUDE SICKNESS, deprivation of oxygen not respiratory failure:  Treating wrong ailment per Doctor.

After 30 minutes, they say the TEST has been contaminated.

“Officials Starting to Question Government Media Corona Virus Story”

You will have to hear his for yourself.  Planetary situation no one is talking about, and how this too affects our health.  Remarkable!

Article that backs the host up regarding the Atlas Comet video above:

“COVID-19, Do We Even Need a Vaccine?” by Christina England (ends with predictive simulation “EVENT 201”)  Interview with Christina about her article:

Ingri Cassel gives an even-handed assessment of the coronavirus on “Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy”  Ingri is the founder of

Robert Scott Bell on COVID-19 and the mineral Selenium on “Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” on RBN.  Archived 4/4/20:

EMFs & 5G: What Parents Need to Know ~ Catherine J. Frompovich ~ Host Elkordy

5G Health Risks, the War Between Technology and Human Beings

“COVID-19, Do We Even Need a Vaccine?” by Christina England (ends with predictive simulation “EVENT 201“)

Brilliant ACTION based on FACTS thanks to Alfred Lambremont Webre, “April Fools Plandemic“:

“Can we trust any of his data used to calculate the COVID-19 mortality rate?”

“10 MORE Doctors and Scientists Criticize the Coronavirus Narrative”

“Data or Deceit?  The CoVid-19 Peak Numbers”

Congressman called “Most Hated Man in Washington” Stands ALONE Against Bailout

Trending on Twitter yesterday was “EMPTY HOSPITALS”.  This is shameful!  Article:

March 20-20.  Plain speak at its best.  This gentleman makes an announcement based on the following article:  He assesses the reasons driving the pandemic.  Please share his video.

I pray this man is wrong.  If he’s correct, those who have been tested will suffer.  Stay positive REGARDLESS!  “We can heal this world with intentions.” ~ ❤ Sallie (contact me here:

COVID-19 ~ Click on a country or territory to see cases, deaths, and recoveries:

20-20 VACCINE CLARITY TOUR:  3 Events Cancelled thus far from March 17-April 2 due to COVID-19.  March 3rd was the last event which took place in Albany, NY:

Status Of COVID-19: “PLANDEMIC” by Rosanne Lindsay

“Our leaders are terrified. Not of the virus – of us”

“Bailouts for the Rich, the Virus for the Rest of Us by Rob Urie”

The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious (see more at

Do NOT take the Vaccine!

Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge (they have subsequently changed their stance, but talk about f-f-f-fear!):

Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

Unprecedented Response to COVID-19 by Governments Prohibits Physical Contact and Cripples World Economy

Dr. Lorraine Day will SHAKE you to the core, especially if you are an activist.  Listen to the entire recording:

David Wilcox delivers a POSITIVE outcome to this scenario, so listen to him if you are feeling low: 

ONE DOZEN EXPERTS Questioning the Coronavirus Panic:

Empty Hospitals:

Natural and Common Law Tribunal ~ Public Health & Justice regarding US Senate bill S893 (, Genocidal use of 5G ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD and Seven (

“Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” ~ A Constitutional Perspective with David Oldham, Director of Constitutional Grounds

“Homeschooling during Quarantine” with Special Ed Teacher Mary O’Neil:

“Vaccines/COVID:  The Final Nails in the Coffin of the Power Structure” with author Neville Raymond

Global Governance with Celeste Slocum ~ World Economic Forum

Organized Economic Crash:

Statistics, Del Bigtree lays it out starting at 25 minutes right through Jefferey Jaxen’s report that the the official anticipated death toll in the UK dropped from 500,000 to 20,000  (or 1/50th of the initial number) PLUS a visiting expert pointing out that 58 thousand people die for every 1% rise in unemployment.  Multiply that times how many percentage points unemployment has risen since March 15th.

Neville recommends this article: and I recommend this video:

Keep abreast of the latest CV news with Jon Rappaport: and Jane Burgermeister, Twitter: @JaneBurgermeis2.


“Bug Out Bag Essentials”

“The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American” + Video:


“Evidence Over Hysteria ~ COVID-19”

“The Shut-in Economy/Lifestyle” (‘we’re not going back to normal’, just as after 9/11 with the enactment of The Patriot Act… but worse)

GOOD OLD VITAMIN C:  “…patients with the coronavirus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C”

CDC Posted THIS 2 Months BEFORE CV Was Announced!!!

Germs and Viruses have never been proven to cause disease.

The latest in a series by Alfred Lambremont Webre:  “Kimberly Meredith – Top 21 Tips for Protection – 5G Coronavirus”.  See Kimberly’s free download at

“Dr. Anthony Fauci is now the President of the United States” by Jon Rappaport

“Corona Virus:  Toxic Drugs, No Liability for Pharma” (or prescribing Physician)

FIVE friends sent me this video.  Struck a chord!  (video removed).

Thanks to Alfred Webre:  Coronavirus-Top-21-Tips-for-Protection.pdf &

“One Billion People Just Got Punked – The Disease Cartel”

Home lockdown information:

Patty Greer gives an excellent summation of events and how they may play out on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s show:

Seven Starseed ALERTS us to the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the Corona Virus cannot be transmitted human to human (January 2020, posted 3/21/20), so WHY the quarantine?

Follow up with URGENT message from Seven Starseed:

Another video, this one says unequivocally, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!

Sing it GEORGE!  Thanks for the reminder Ellen Rixford.  🙂 Sal

Jon Rappaport, The Bloodless Coup, The Fake Epidemic (Youtube removed)



TESTING for the Corona Virus riddled with contradictions:

“Op-Ed: Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist?”

March 16th Update from Joel Lord of The

Compiled by Paul Turner and important:

“China, 5G, And The Wuhan Coronavirus: The Emperor’s New Virus”

February 26th “Coronavirus outbreak: Donald Trump, CDC addresses U.S. preparedness for possible COVID-19 threat”

Two articles by Annie Logical:  “Corona Enabler of a New Order” and

“Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing”

Update February 27, 2020, this one from INSIDE WUHAN.  Says no one is dieing! (video removed)

Update February 26, 2020:  Coronavirus easy to treat with existing drugs. ‘Game over’ says French top scientist in this video from his infectious disease institute and also on the French radio this morning In French with English translation here (see more in comments once opened):

Vitamin C Studies Approved in China to Fight Coronavirus: Therapy Censored in U.S.

This video is SUPERB!  After 33 minutes the host explains what a virus actually is.  Entire video worthy of your full attention…. bu REMOVED!

WHO Director General said today, Tuesday, there is no evidence of sustained local transmission outside China, apart from specific circumstances like Diamond Princess, and that there is still chance of preventing global spread.  For UPDATES:

If you listen to Madame Ghis, you won’t have to pay attention to anything else.  In French with subtitles.

Update February 18th:  “The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup”

Update February 14th:  US military pandemic plans activated; nation must prepare for “thousands of cases” of the coronavirus to arrive, warns biowarfare expert

Today, February 13, 2020 the a video I saw had a US Government official stating that the Corona Virus was the equivalent of Chernobyl (to China) and the USA is cutting off flights from China…and that the solution is a vaccine.  Vaccines have never prevented nor cured anything, but we all knew this was coming anyway!  I suggest you take this one EASY step to prevent it:!

This is a thorough look at what has transpired through the 12th of February:

“The US and Italy were among the countries which declared a national public health emergency over the coronavirus outbreak on January 31st.” ~ Important info here:

Homeland Security Corona Virus Roundtable in DC on 2/12/20:  Gerberding & Gottlieb questioned:  Gerberding keeps likening it to the Spanish Flu, which was actually caused by vaccines (see video, “Spanish Flu did not kill 50 million.  Vaccines did”:

Blog: ~ Twitter: @JaneBurgermeis2

“The Citizens of the United States Are Under Medical Martial Law and Your Freedom Can Come to an Immediate End”

I have compiled a list of articles about the new FEAR VIRUS which the World Health Organization (WHO) is beating a drum loudly toward (patent:


The Richie Allen Show (after 20 mins airs a local UK TV station reporting on the virus and the potential for troops in the streets resulting… OH, BROTHER!).

The numbers for the Wuhan Coronavirus just don’t add up:

Surely there will be a VACCINE “against” it (“Vaccine for the China virus—the planet is the guinea pig for a vast experiment Jan26”  Don’t take it, take Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) instead:  intravenously administered is most effective, but orally too.

Travel advisory:  DON’T!  “US Embassy is evacuating US citizens and diplomats OUT OF WUHAN. Flight leaves tomorrow.”  Transportation hubs are the most likely places to be quarantined and if you value your ability to move about freely, avoid them.

Corona Virus reaches the United States

Coronavirus a stealth strain that can be carried by people who show NO fever or coughing symptoms… detection almost impossible under current government guidelines

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

WHO conference likening the latest Fear Virus to the Spanish Flu:

The Spanish Flu was caused by vaccines wherein millions died from vaccination coupled with “the cure”, aspirin,  LISTEN:

Jon Rappaport’s blog:
~ January 25th, “New China virus, Swine Flu hoax, history matters”
~ January 24, “Man who pushed SARS dud now pushing new Chinese virus ”
~ January 23 ~ “China virus epidemic—the Gong Show on roller skates”
~ January 22 ~ “Is the new ‘deadly China virus’ a covert operation?”
~ 11 Million Quarantined in China:
~ Virus hits US and VACCINE STOCK SOARS!
~ Simulation Study
~ Bill Gates is involved, so you know the intent is PURE!

310 thoughts on “The Fear Virus”

  1. Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota family physician who is also a Republican state senator, told “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for doctors to certify whether a patient has died of coronavirus are “ridiculous” and could be misleading the public. INCLUDES VIDEO:


  2. “WHO Official: It’s Time To Remove People From Their Homes & COVID Task Force Admits Inflated Numbers”

    “Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – Cites Gates’ Twisted ‘Messiah Complex’”


  3. Stop ID2020. Investigate bill gates assets , stocks , and companies. Created by R.P. on April 10, 2020


    ID2020 is a plan put in place by bill gates to impose mass public vaccination and show “vaccine status” through a microchip or “ID” injected under the skin. MIT and microsoft have partnered together to make what bill calls “tattoo markers” that show if you have or have not had his poisonous vaccine. He did something similiar in africa that resulted in over 40,000 people dying from his vaccine. he owns virus patents , he owns vaccine patents. he makes money to make you sick. My fellow Americans , This is the mark of the beast the bible has warned us about folks. Bill owns virus patents , bill owns vaccine patents , bill has flown to Epsteins island on the lolita express SEVERAL times , bill admits to depopulation agendas. Stop Him NOW


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