The History of OCTOBER Vaccine Injury Awareness Month


Listen to Virginia Young speak about Vaccine Injuries in her family as my guest on “Vaccine Free America” on RBN Saturdays at 7pm. We cover adverse reactions to the Meningitis, Flu, Pneumonia, HIB, Yellow Fever and DTaP Vaccines in this hour long interview. Virginia’s children started “One Night, One Light”: light a candle in memory of the Injured and Deceased from Vaccination every year at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Please listen and share to WARN parents about these realities. Thank you, Sallie O. Elkordy

The History of October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month by Sallie O. Elkordy (
I co-created OCTOBER Vaccine Injury Awareness Month with Marian Greene of “Truth About Gardasil” in 2010 to prevent Marian from creating “GARDASIL Injury Awareness Month”, knowing that if we called it “VACCINE Injury Awareness Month” instead, our numbers would be huge immediately, which they were.  I recruited Jesse Calhoun, artist for the 2009 “Vaccine Realities Tour” to create a banner announcing the Month.  He asked me what color ribbon I would like and I could only think of the color of mourning which is why the BLACK RIBBON is the symbol of Vaccine Injury.  Jesse is also a musician/composer who wrote and performed the song “H1N1” with his group The Ameros, which can be heard here:  In January, we concentrate on Gardasil (in NYC, where it is “Cervical Cancer Awareness Month” to drive up the use of that vaccine). See two public stands on January 20th in 2015 and 2016 on the steps of NY City Hall in top video:
PROMOTIONAL FIRSTS:  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein was the first to upload the artwork to his website.  The first article written about October VIAM was by Paul Fassa for Natural News and the first interview was conducted by Gary Null, PhD on Progressive Radio Network (he has interviewed both Marian and myself on his radio show to promote the month).  
HONOREES:  This is our 11th year and we started celebrating individuals in 2018:  Congressman Bill Posey was the first (; Journalists Christina England of The Liberty Beacon and. VacTruth and Catherine J. Frompovich of Activist Post and Natural Blaze  for our 10th Anniversary (2019) and this year, 2020 we Celebrate Archivists: Ingri Cassel of, Dr. Viera Scheibner’s Vaccine Research Library and John Scudamore for  
ARTWORK:  Artwork bearing the black ribbon for 2016 through 2020 was produced by Emmy Award-winning artist Joe Jones of His 2017 artwork which calls for an “International Moratorium on Vaccination” (also attached) is; unfortunately, as relevant today as it was then.  Many people have created signs bearing the black ribbon and my personal favorite, by Autism Mother Donna Delikat reads, “I Love Someone who is Vaccine Injured.  October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.”  
CALENDAR of EVENTS:  Every year I publish a calendar of events for the month encouraging people from all over the world to create them.  I then promote these events on my radio shows and sometimes adapt these interviews to make television programs to air in NYC (and anywhere else people are willing to air them on public access TV).  2020 may be the most difficult year due to restrictions.  Events normally held publicly in person will become virtual events.  None-the-less a calendar will be created to list them by date, instead of by date AND location as was the norm.  We have had events ranging from Brunch gatherings to Parades!  October 31st, Halloween is the biggest day of the year because it is the only day that parents come to you (with their trick or treaters) and we educate them.  We distribute flyers with the artwork on one side and information on the other for the parents and Eileen Dannemann’s scary stickers (which can be purchased on her website: with a scull and cross needles to the kids instead of candy.  
WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Here’s what I’m doing:  On the first of the month I will distribute the artwork to shopkeepers to place in their windows (they all do); on the 12th of the month (Columbus Day) I am planning a boat ride up and down the southern canals of Long Island, NY with the 2020 banner displayed (much the same way “Boaters for Trump” display their signs).  On the 31st, I’m going to sit outside my house with a table filled with information and distribute it to all the parents of Trick or Treaters.  I get hundreds where I live and each year fewer and fewer flyers are discarded by those receiving them.  I know, cause I always walk to the ends of my block to pick up any discarded ones and last year none were.  A milestone!
Please contact me with your events so I can publish and PROMOTE activities.  
Thank you very much, Sallie (latest:
P. S. It’s also a good month to promote this petition for a Vaccine Victims Memorial:

Short link for this blog update:

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    1. ~ 10/1, 2 Flyer Distribution to shopkeepers
      ~ 10/10 Alfred’s Forum
      ~ 10/10. 11 Red Pill Forum
      ~ 10/11 Zuchotti Park
      ~ 10/16
      ~ 10/20 ~ PA we are having a press conference on Tues October 20 with some awesome speakers. I will email info to you! Subject … Medical Freedom…. to educate about why no vaccine mandates.
      ~ 10/31 Flyer and Sticker Distribution to Parents and Trick or Treaters


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