The Only SAFE Regulation for Vaccines is a BAN ~ #VaccineFree2017!

“The benefits of vaccination are theoretical. The disease, damage and death are real.” -Paul G. King, PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Please JOIN ME on the Steps of NYC City Hall on Monday *** May 15th at 1pm *** to hold the banner of a child who has passed from vaccination? We have many banners of these children (especially infants: and need individuals to VOLUNTEER to carry them so that the visuals (pictures and videos) that result reflect the reality of this devastation. CONTACT me here if you will:  Thank you, Sallie

Ask President Trump to sign an Executive Order for a “Vaccine Free 2017”:

VACCINE EXCIPIENTS 2017 (some components:  Aluminum, Anti-Freeze, Animal tissues from cow/dog/monkey/pig, E-Coli, Formaldehyde, Human Fetal Cells, Insects, Mercury, MSG) ~ Please see the comments below for important articles and videos.

Vaccine “REACTIONS & CONDITIONS” including Aseptic Meningitis, Autism, Allergies, Asthma, Blindness, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Deafness, Diabetes, Death, Guillian Barre, Lupus, MS, Paralysis, Reproductive Problems, Seizures, SIDS.  *** Caused the Disease it was meant to prevent. ***

Vaccines Licensed for Use in the USA (even though the ingredients in vaccines, and reactions and conditions created by vaccines are KNOWN)

When I went to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC to request that the National Vaccine Advisory Committee recommend a Moratorium on Vaccination, I brought with me a statement from the best researched scientist on the subject of vaccination, Dr. Viera Scheibner to present to them on June 7, 2016.

Statement from Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences including Biology and Anatomy (bonafide enquirers may contact her at
1. All information on the ineffectiveness of any and all vaccines to prevent the targeted diseases and the seriousness and high level of reactions to any and all vaccines has been documented by medical research and published in reputable medical and scientific journals, right from the beginning of mass vaccination programs.
2. The only response and effect of all and any vaccines is anaphylaxis sensitization, a harmful immune response resulting in increased susceptibility of the vaccine recipients to the targeted diseases and also to related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections. There is no benefit whatsoever from vaccination. The term vaccine “preventable” is false advertising. The long-term deleterious vaccine effects are behind the “modern diseases”, such as cancer, chronic ill health, immunoreactive, autoimmune and immune disorders. Vaccines are contaminated by chemicals and biological, which should never be injected into anything living. Animals suffer the same deleterious effects as humans.
3. Deleterious effects of all and any vaccines are characteristic but not specific to any one vaccine. They are subject to the well-defined concept in medicine (biology) called the non-specific stress syndrome. There are No better and No effective vaccines and any further development of vaccines is futile and should be scrapped. All mass vaccination programs should be abandoned.
4. There is only one immunity, the natural immunity achieved by exposure to natural infectious diseases. As an example, having measles not only results in a life-long solid immunity to measles but also to cancer, asthma and allergies, as published in medical research journals.
Natural infectious diseases are beneficial by priming and maturing the immune system and they also represent developmental milestones. ~ End of statement from Dr. Scheibner, but I continue…
In conclusion, I call upon the National Vaccine Advisory Committee of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services to recommend a “National Moratorium on Vaccination”.
Thank you, Sallie O. Elkordy (video


My name is Sallie O. Elkordy and I am running for Mayor for a Vaccine Free NYC in 2017. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter @ “VaccineFreeNYC”.  I have interviewed over 1,000 parents of vaccine injured or dead children as well as professionals in the field of health and science.

Compiled are multiple interviews by ISSUE from my internet radio program, “The Mary and Sallie Show”.

The REAL Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study (unvaccinated children are healthier)

Vaccine Reactions by Type of Vaccine: and

Infants are Dying at an Alarming Rate Post-Vaccination

Why We Need a National Moratorium on Vaccination Now

Child-Parent Separation Act, SB18 is currently being promoted in CA and is intended to spread across the USA:


ADULTS:  Take a good long look at the vaccine schedule above for children under 18.  We’re next and legislation to track adult inoculation compliance is in almost every State of the union right now.  If you do nothing, you will be vaccinated.  *Update:  see HR1313, Vaccination for Employment in comment area below.  If you live in NYC, get busy with me (contact above).  If elected Mayor I intend to set NYC FREE from VACCINATION.

“Empty Stroller Walk” ~ Every Sunday until they STOP Shooting Our Kids!

Photo above:  Suzanne Fuhri, “Empty stroller walk began at the scene of the crime. MOMMY LOVES TOMMY” ~ pictured standing outside the office of the pediatrician who administered the vaccines which took her infant’s life.  Suzanne is the founder of the Angel Babies / Kids group on Facebook and this is an interview with her:

VIDEOS:  the first (above) explains the issues we confront and the action prescribed; followed by father Michael Belkin’s personal story and song, “Stole My Baby Away”; the next is my own sister’s story of vaccine injury, institutionalization and death; followed by “Tears in Heaven” and 9 infants who recently died. The 4th video is extremely important regarding the greater agenda in the deaths of these children and should be listened to until it’s conclusion.  The last is a challenge by Mike Adams to the authorities.

Journalist Christina England describes actions taken by families affected by vaccines in five different Countries including the USA, “The World Protests on Behalf of Vaccine-injured Children”

The initial article about the “Empty Stroller Walk” resounded throughout alternative media, written by Catherine J. Frompovich for Activist Post:  At least 20 other news outlets ran her article including Natural News: ~ PLUS VACCINE DEATHS INFORMATION

ONE IN TEN infants are dying in the USA per the world’s foremost authority on SIDS, Dr. Viera Scheibner (, second half is pertinent), this being a conservative estimate considering the increase in vaccinations since the 2009 statistic she references. We will be facing the extinction of the human species unless action is taken.

My name is Sallie O. Elkordy and I organized this effort, but was so inspired by people’s reaction to the WALK itself on March 5th that I have decided to promote the same event EVERY SUNDAY throughout 2017 (or until they stop poisoning our children to death with vaccines).  INSTRUCTIONS:  A banner is not required, just take an empty stroller and pin the photo of a child who has passed onto the seat-back and place informative flyers on the seat.  Here is the FLYER text and PHOTOS of 10 children who’ve recently passed post vaccination and INTERVIEWS with each child’s family

Listen especially if you are PREGNANT!

~ Viera Scheibner, PhD on Cot Death
~ Mary E. Tocco on Vaccines from Pregnancy through Infancy:
~ Deniece Young’s Birth Plan:

What’s Wrong with Vaccines? ~ Here’s why the NVAC should recommend a “National Moratorium on Vaccination” to the Department of Health and Human Services.  Taped in Washington, DC on 6/7/16:

The Only Safe Regulation for Vaccines is a Ban,

Sallie O. Elkordy (“VaccineFreeNYC” on Facebook and Twitter)

P. S. Reading of the Names of Vaccine Victims (just a few of the many) at NY City Hall on 9/3/15 and calling for a National Memorial to Vaccine Victims on the Mall in Washington, DC:

#SaveOurBabies #VaccineFree2017 #VaccineVictimsMemorial #saveapreemie #NoPrenatalVaccines #MommyLovesTommy #JusticeforMadison #VaccineFreeNYC #StopShootingOurKids!

P. P. S. Tribute pages to two of the children ~ Madison Lucia Grant ~ Emery Star Owens

Credits:  Artwork by Joe Jones of, Videos contributed by Otto Lund and Christopher Wyatt.  Radio interviews conducted on “The Mary and Sallie Show” and “Public Advocate”, both on

EMPTY STROLLER WALK ~ March 5th! #SaveOurBabies ~ #VaccineFree2017 ~ #VaccineVictimsMemorial

On Sunday March 5th there will be an “Empty Stroller Walk” down Main Street wherever you live.  This Walk is the idea of grieving GRANDMOTHER Sherry Frady who lost her grand daughter (Bella, pictured on top, second from left) to vaccination.  Sherry tells Bella’s story on “The Mary and Sallie Show”

The VIDEO above has photos of some of the children whose parents I have interviewed.  Thanks to Joe Jones for the Artwork and to Otto Lund for putting it to the music recommended by Dusty, baby Reid’s father.

The date for “The Empty Stroller Walk” of March 5th was selected by the mother of a preemie who died post vaccination and here is an interview with BOTH PARENTS of Emory Star, August and Jarod Owens:

This interview includes TWO FAMILIES: a father, Ronnie Prine whose child Eric passed at 22 years of age after multiple severe vaccine reactions and Alisa Neathery who lost her son, Bently at 6 months old after 13 vaccine doses were administered at once:

TWO GRANDMOTHERS who are also HEALTHCARE WORKERS:  Gaela Fisher, a Nurse and Doula lost a Grandchild, Grant to Vaccines starting in her Daughter’s Pregnancy, upon birth and again at 2 months. Grant did not survive this assault and had to be resuscitated upon birth from the 4 doses he received while his mother was pregnant. We ask TWO things: That parents learn from this common tragedy and that healthcare workers cease and decist vaccinating pregnant women, babies and all others. LISTEN to Gaela Fisher and another grandmother and healthcare worker who lost a grandchild post vaccination, Valerie Murfin:

Here THREE MOTHERS speak to each other regarding the SIMILARITIES they all experienced before, during and post vaccination and their children’s passing.  Listen to Christy Lynn Day, August Owens and Indigo Grant

Augustina Ursino, JOURNALIST with has covered a multitude of such stories for print media and the interview I conducted with her is extremely important for all the conclusions she has reached in doing so:

Sometimes your child can be living, but is not the child they were prior to vaccination.  Here is an excellent example of this, the PARENTS of Jodi Marchant, Bill and Pat speak about the child who emerged post 8 in 1 experimental vaccine and the multitude of INJUSTICES which have transpired subsequent to this illegal multishot:

All are encouraged to PARTICIPATE in the “Empty Stroller Walk”, and to EDUCATE people as they do.  Please distribute flyers, the text of which can be printed in its entirety on one page in 9 pt. type:  You are welcome to take the pictures in the comments directly under the text on this link and pin one of them to the back of the stroller.  Use the seat for the handouts you will be printing.  If you wish a banner like the one of Sherry’s grand daughter (above, but with a photo of your own child)  please contact artist Joe Jones here

*** Here are 20 interviews with families who have lost a loved one from vaccination.  They have paid the ultimate price for a vaccination program which never should have even been offered.  The CRIME starts with the offering of poisons to be injected into anyone (including pets), but especially children for whom the greatest number of doses are recommended by the “authorities” and pushed by incentivized pediatricians: ***

The hashtag, #VaccineVictimsMemorial is for actual legislation which Congress has been petitioned to sponsor, this one for a Memorial to be placed on The Mall in Washington, DC honoring the Dead and Injured from Vaccination ( &  Unlike other Memorials on The Mall, all the names of the fallen will not fit on one Monument, but this should not preclude it’s inclusion and erection among the other memorials to casualties whose lives have also been lost by Congressional edict.  IN NOT BANNING VACCINES, as Congress has been petitioned to enact (starting back in 2009 and continuously every since, most recently, and in LIFTING THE LIABILITY (1986) for those who produce and inject vaccines, Congress has enabled our children’s ghastly fates and the Supreme Court has upheld the legality of it (2011)… while the families continue to suffer as their children continue to die.

For ADULTS who think that because they do not have children (or their children are grown) that this doesn’t pertain to them, here is the rudest “wake up” imaginable…and merely one startling example of how adult vaccination will play out:  and investigate your State’s proposed legislation while you’re at it: ~ If we will protect the ones who cannot speak for themselves from vaccination, then we will all be protected.  Raise awareness with us on March 5th, by hitting MAIN STREET wherever you live with Empty Strollers, Banners and Literature.  Thank you.

The Only Safe Regulation for Vaccines is a Ban,  Sallie O. Elkordy 

P. S.  I am running for MAYOR  for a Vaccine Free NYC because Poison SHOULD be Illegal!  If I succeed, my first edict will be, “Pediatricians put down your syringes and take two steps back.” Find me @VaccineFreeNYC on FB and Twitter.  Blog

P. P. S. Additional RESOURCES on Vaccines and Infant Mortality:  ~ Listen to Viera Scheibner, PhD, the world’s foremost authority on this subject
~ Mary E. Tocco on Vaccines from Pregnancy through Infancy:
~ Deniece Young’s Birth Plan:
~ Dr. Scheibner says, “One in Ten Infants is Dying in the USA!” and the reasons why the NVAC should recommend a National Moratorium on Vaccination to the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC on 6/7/16

Trump says, “Too Many Too Soon” regarding Vaccines. He says, “Vaccines Cause Autism”. He is the FIRST President to speak these DANGEROUS Truths. Support him or prepare to be vaccinated!

Tonight I celebrated Trump’s victory all by myself, living in a City of “Trump Apologists”.  Excuuuuuuse me!  The man was just inaugurated and the first e-mail I receive is this petition calling for his impeachment? ~ Give the man a chance for crying out loud!

Trump says they are giving too many vaccines too soon.  See the CDC Vaccine schedule above dating back to the day many of us were vaccinated and then compare the current schedule.  AGHHHHH!  And here are the INGREDIENTS, the DISEASES which result, and the INTENT to harm.  The mortality rate, the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated survey and the Nuremberg Code.  It’s ALL here:  All of Congress has received this too… since 2013!

Donald Trump also says that Vaccines Cause AUTSIM.  Damn straight they do!  It’s on the package insert to the DTaP vaccine.  There is no secret, just deception!  This is why the mainstream media is the “fake news”.  Trump called them on THAT too!

Trump called the Flu Shot a “SCAM”!  Bingo!!!

I just came back from DC and could tell you a story or two, but instead I am PUTTING OUT THE WORD to call into my show if you saw outrageous misconduct toward a President who has yet to fail anyone… and toward his supporters too.  This is sponsored mischief and the source is welcome to call into my show and CONFESS!  Check the comment area under this blog update so you know when this radio program will transpire.  Also, contact me here if you went to the inauguration and want to say what you experienced.  The world needs to know.  If you’re brave enough to listen to parents describe their children’s vaccine reactions, then I ask you to SHARE THEM.  I recorded them to be shared to STOP THE SHOT:

I’m about to HIT the STREETS to Campaign Hard to become The Mayor of the City of NY for a VACCINE FREE NYC this year!  Not having deep pockets, I could really use some help.  Boots on the Ground so to speak this July to get signatures.  Anyone game for a WIN?  Me too!!! Message me here if you will help:

VACCINE FREE 2017 & BEYOND!  Sallie O. Elkordy @VaccineFreeNYC

See You At The Inauguration!

I will be attending the inauguration and other events over the next few of days in DC and if you will be there, please let me know and perhaps we can meet up: @VaccineFreeNYC on Facebook

Listen to 15 interviews about post vaccination death:, plus the latest here:

I am going to support President Trump because he says, they are giving too many vaccines too soon (understatement of the year, but at least he has acknowledged this and has never backed down) and vaccines cause autism. BINGO!

Trump has also established a Commission on Vaccination and wants to investigate the FDA. Okay by me!!!

Here’s my new banner for the occasion. Hoping all goes well, since there are many who do not wish it to.

Vaccine Free 2017, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. Hope you like the new banner for the occasion!

Create JOY, GREATNESS & JUSTICE. Eradicate Vaccines for a Happy 2017!

R.I.P. Kevin Reeves, Child Survival Advocate and distributor of THOUSANDS of cards, flyers and stickers to EDUCATE parents about the dangers of vaccines.  Kevin passed away on January 6, 2017. Helpful and heroic, our loss is heaven’s gain cause Kevin’s in heaven!

Make ‘Em Laugh 2017 (Joe Jones and Lisa Kathleen Lasker join me for an hour of Jokes and Merriment to kick-off the new year on a high note):

PARENTING 101:  Vaccines Steal Greatness (Mary Pulles Cavanaugh, Author of “The Book on Greatness”) and Deny Justice (Donna Knepple explains the royal screwing Autism Parents receive):

“Parenting 101” will be a MONTHLY Lecture Series and was initiated while standing to educate parents from the Steps of City Hall in NYC.  Donna L. Delikat explains what she wishes someone told her before she trustingly vaccinated her now autistic daughter Kristina (who repeatedly points to the signage that says, “Vaccines Are Not Healthy”):

State Owned Children.  BIG PROBLEM and newly introduced in a bill, SB18 sponsored by the notorious Richard Pan, State Senator from CA.  I will be interviewing people who have suffered through child confiscation by the State and those who understand the ramifications of this loosely worded piece of legislation, SB18:  SB18 threatens everyone as it appears to be the enactment of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which denies rights to children and families).  Interviews thus far with Karri Lewis, Dr. Carley, Paul Fassa and Christina Hildebrand (also included is an interview by others with Jon Rappoport):

Get out in the Streets!  Be inspired by Kevin Reeves and make it your business to educate and activate there.  The general public is our target because once awake and aware, there will be no stopping the REVERSAL of our out-of-control controllers and the harm they have done to our children.  Censoring information has been enacted into law recently  Do not despair, just make up your mind to always do what you can to save children.  I guess they think they can legislate away our natural instinct to protect the vulnerable.  Nope!

I wish you Joy and Justice and Greatness too.  There is much work to be done, please don’t forget to have some FUN!

Happy 2017, Sallie O. Elkordy

FB & Twitter: @VaccineFreeNYC ~ Radio: “The Mary and Sallie Show”

What was the BIGGEST MOMENT of 2016 for You?

There were so many BIG MOMENTS that it has taken me DAYS to figure out which might have been the biggest, so I have decided to reach out to YOU the reader for your input. Add what YOU consider to be the Biggest Moment of 2016 to the comment area and check my posts at @VaccineFreeNYC on Facebook and Twitter.

“VAXXED” and the CDC Rally revealed these STARS:
~ Dr. Stephanie Seneff & Kerra Icansketchu:
~ Sheila Lewis Ealey:
~ Sherrie Saunders:

There were unbelievable RULES & REGS imposed by our “authorities”.  These are merely the most recent:
1) Executive Order Advancing Global Health Security Agenda

2) Standing Orders to Vaccinate Adults
3) 21st Century Cures Act: Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science &
4) “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” (Censorship) and other sources:

If we do not STAND NOW for pregnant women, there will be NO FUTURE for HUMANITY. With the increase in recommended and allowable vaccines for PREGNANT women, there could be as many as 8 doses administered (recommended: Flu+DTaP=4 doses and allowable: Hep A+Hep B+ Meningitis+Pnuemonia=4, Total=8). Please LISTEN to this interview with Mary E. Tocco if you are pregnant or considering having a baby (or know someone who is or might): Remember that the flu shot alone (survey from the NCOW) yielded a rise in fetal distress/death by 4,250%.

Witness the FALLOUT from SB277 with a rise of 17% in autism since it came into effect:

Thanks to all who participated in the “REAL Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study”, please listen to 10 parents who’ve raised both:

*** The Greatest Threat in 2017 in the USA is CA State Senator Pan’s new bill SB18. I will be conducting as many interviews on this subject as I have airtime on my radio show! We are talking about CHILD STEALING BY THE STATE. Contact me if you wish to weigh in on this all-important issue. The more people who will speak against this the better. ***

~ My dear friend and reverser of vaccine induced diseases, Dr. Rebecca Carley is in JAIL. As you know, many holistic doctors have died over the past year and she is lucky to count herself among the living. She speaks here of sleep deprivation and being cut off from her computer (and thusly her source of income) which were two key factors that led to her current situation: Please WRITE TO HER in prison or send her a soft-cover book, these are both allowable (Rebecca Carley ~ Catawba County Detention Center ~ P. O. Box 385 ~ Newton, NC 28658). Contact me if you can do more.
~ My friend and fellow activist is dying from cancer “treatment” which is a personal tragedy since we distributed stickers, cards and flyers for many years together. Say a prayer for KEVIN, child survival advocate.
~ A woman I barely knew, but related to profoundly has passed, An Autism Mother protecting her child (publicly and with purpose) died in a car crash the very day she made the the front page of her local paper in protest. As the interview is titled, “May 1,000 RISE in Her Place!”. Remembering Pam McKeon with Stephanie Fetzer: (background sounds came from the station).

Thank you to the 50 Americans, representing 30 States who stood to call for a NATIONAL MORATORIUM ON VACCINATION NOW. It took all my courage to bring a call for same directly to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee at the Department of Health and Human Services. One day I will write a book and you will be amazed!!!

There are at least 100 moments to choose from this year as the most important but if you can single one out, I will be seriously impressed. Check previous petition updates ( to fill in the blanks and also check my blog at Since 2016 was basically AN-ATROCITY-A-MINUTE, I wish you luck.

Now for some traditional carols to remind us of the beauty of the season:

Justice in 2017!, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. Don’t forget to add your pick for “Biggest Moment in 2016” to the comment area beneath. Take your time, there is much to reflect upon.

P. P. S. If you are near NY or know young people there, please extend an invitation to them for “PARENTING 101” Lecture with Mary Pulles Cavanaugh, Donna Knepple, Davette E. Phillips and 2 other Mothers of vaccine injured children have been invited to speak, Donna L. Delikat and Dawn Havas on July 7th from 5pm in midtown Manhattan. EVENT: