2016 on “The Mary and Sallie Show”.

SIBLINGS of Vaccine Injured Children with Slavich, Mitchell and Elkordy 11/25/16

What Are You THANKFUL For? Activists like Wyatt, Reed, McClelland, Mitchell & Fassa 11/23/16

Autism Mothers: NYU hosting Offit & Pan with Ikanscetchu, Delikat, Carley & Seravalli 11/21/16

5 Recent Articles with Journalist Christina England 11/16/16

Host of The Robert Scott Bell Show on issues of Health Freedom 11/10/16

John Scudamore of Whale.to on Vaccination Moratorium 11/6/16

Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane’s Award Winning “UN-VAXXED” 10/28/16

Tasha David’s In-home Vax vs. Unvax Study 10/18/16

Lucy Cole’s Response to the CDC’s Power Grab 10/11/16

YOU GOT SERVED with Middleton & Estave 9/15/16

Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate in Vaccines 9/7/16

Activist Pam McKeon ~ May 1,000 Rise in Her Place! 8/21/16

Boycott Babylon ~ Action Workshops with Carly Mitchell 8/5/16

Dr. Rebecca Carley on a Moratorium on Vaccination 7/28/16

BREXIT with Darren Nesbit of “Free Britain” 6/29/16

Dr. Betty Martini on Iatrogenesis 6/13/16

“The Book On Greatness” ~ Mary Pulles Cavanaugh 5/18/16

Dr. Viera Scheibner’s Important Messages 5/2/16

Jane Orient, MD, Big Healthcare’s Attack on Patient Freedom 3/22/16

Baby A’s Parents Wrongfully Accused & Dead 3/12/16

EXPOSE from SaneVax about HPV Vaccine 1/18/16

One Night, One Light ~ Young Family 1/1/16

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