The Legacy of the HPV Vaccine

Mothers of HPV Vaccine Victims speak on the steps of City Hall in New York City.

I have been interviewing parents and victims of vaccine injury (or families of those who have died from vaccination) since 2011 on “The Mary and Sallie Show”


Having conducted twenty interviews on the HPV vaccine alone, I share these eight with you because they recently changed the mind of a young woman who was bowing to peer pressure in expecting to receive this vaccine.  Her father asked if I had information which might change his daughter’s and wife’s minds.  Since the lone reason I interview people who have been affected by vaccination is to deter parents (and now youngsters, because they are trying to EXCLUDE parents from this decision: from accepting them for their children, I will share with you the interviews which changed this 12 year old girl’s mind (along with her mother’s) in the hope that you will use these interviews to likewise share a dose of REALITY and PREVENT vaccine induced tragedies.

Thanks to Freda Birrell of for introducing me to these women and girls.  The order I am sharing the radio interviews in, is this:  results from one shot of the HPV vaccine, two shots and then three. Six radio interviews beneath and two videotaped statements above are eight testimonials in all.

The reactions I have heard are many and varied.  I will list some of them next to the interviews but it is of the utmost importance that you listen to the young women themselves (sometimes their mothers speak for them).  Some of the HPV vaccine victims have stated that they wish they could die from the agony they are experiencing while many HPV vaccine victims have actually died from these injections.

One Shot of the HPV Vaccine (and reactions): (Katie, age 11:  nausea, abdominal pain, exhaustion, headaches, awakened a tick born disease) (Nicole, in her twenties:  weight loss, low blood pressure, blackouts, excruciating pain when sitting, dizziness, toxic feeling skin, intolerance of food and digestive difficulties, vomiting, migraines, heart palpitations, sensitive to smell and noise, slow to read and difficulty retaining what she has learned, exhaustion)

Two Shots: (Brittney had an immense number of reactions including the ability to hear blocks away, yet others must whisper around her, emotional breakdowns including screaming and crying, seizures, paralysis comes and goes which started like a hammering in her legs, then numbness and no feelings, sensitive to light requiring blackout curtains, face distorted and morphed several times, migraines that mimic strokes).

~ This three-way conversation is comprehensive indeed! (thanks to Christina England, activist and author of “Vaccination Policy and the UK Government:  The Untold Truth” for introducing me to Amanda Dew, the mother of an HPV vaccine victim and for her most recent article about the HPV vaccine:

Three Shots: (developed gillian-barre:  quadriplegic on life support at 12 years old) (psychiatrist said grandfather raped her to cover-up vaccine injuries:  brain damage, seizures and more) (removed gall bladder and appendix which didn’t improve symptoms; the cause was a “Mystery”) (having had both cervical cancer and the HPV shots, Lisa PREFERS CANCER to GARDASIL)


I started “October, Vaccine Injury Awareness Month” back in 2010 with the founder of, Marian Hollandsworth Greene.  If you see black ribbons during the month of October, you will know what they represent.  This ribbon grows in popularity yearly as more and more young people fall to vaccination, so it’s popularity is a bitter pill.  I am including the latest graphic and hope you never feel the desire to use it (although, to raise awareness we all must).  This year, for example, in October we are holding a worldwide “Concert to End Vaccine Violence” which stresses multi-shots and the mortality associated with them.  If you can participate wherever you live by holding an event (concert, poetry reading or if you are a visual artist, an exhibition of your work), please request to join “Ambassadors for a Vaccine Free World” on facebook and we will promote it.

Yearly events draw attention to our mission to BAN VACCINES and here is the legislation I attempted to have sponsored in 2009/10 which calls out the Gardasil vaccine by name: the new one I have been attempting to get passed since 2013, which is now an Executive Order proposed to President Trump:

I have run for public office seven times to OUTLAW VACCINES and will continue to do so until we can stop this atrocity.  Artwork for the latest version of the black ribbon. calls for an International MORATORIUM on Vaccination which I have called for Nationally in 2016 at the agency which oversees the FDA and CDC, the Department of Health and Human Services (video here with the words of Dr. Viera Scheibner beneath, which you can use if you wish to affect a moratorium in your Country too):  This video was created by Otto Lund to support this National call from 50 Activists in 30 different States in America who want to see vaccines brought to a screeching HALT.


While traveling across New York State on the VACCINE REALITIES TOUR (to educate the constituents of the legislators who were attempting to increase vaccines, mandate vaccines or administer them without parental consent) with the mother of a Gardasil-injured child, Jodi Speakman and mother of an Autistic child, Heather Rickert Walker, we were prevented from speaking at 150 locations (theaters, churches, veterans halls and not-for-profit organizations).  We started in NYC in a dance studio and finally found another space 10 hours away in Buffalo, NY.  It was at the University of Buffalo where an employee in a wheelchair rented us the space (she may have been in a wheelchair from a vaccine injury).  Of course we paid for the space, but no one else would even accept our money!  This has everything to do with the unacceptability of vaccine induced injury by the uninformed masses.  They saw it as a political issue (which it certainly is because politicians make the rules) and not as ILLNESS.  A mother once expressed to me that if her daughter was suffering from cancer everyone would rally around her and do fundraisers to help with expenses (all of which go directly into the medical industrial complex’s pockets), but because her child was vaccine injured, people scoffed and turned their backs on them.  Nothing is more expensive than a vaccine injury since insurance doesn’t cover the natural products (which are costly) that MAY be able to reverse vaccine injury.  The families could have benefitted from fundraisers, but apparently these are relegated only to shoring up the CAUSE of the problem (vaccines), hence the brainwashing is complete!

Seven members of my family are vaccine injured, one from the HPV vaccine, but not as severely as the girls and families I have interviewed above.  Although I have interviewed 1,000 people about theirs or their family’s vaccine injuries, I have to inform you that I have not reported such an exhaustive roster of reactions to any vaccine.  You need to know that the American College of Pediatricians has reported that the HPV vaccine can cause early ovarian failure (and that means sterility).

Injury, sterility and death:  this is “The Legacy of the HPV Vaccine”.

The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban,  Sallie O. Elkordy (@VaccineFreeNYC)

P. S. Please use your local public access TV stations to air programs to educate people regarding the truth about vaccines if you live in America.  This is a FREE service to the community that anyone can use.  Of the 50 different actions I have taken, this one action (which works for you long after you complete it) has had the greatest impact.  Please find your local station and start awakening the most misinformed people in the world, the television viewers.  Look up your local station here and contact me if you have questions please:  The horrifying thing is that FEAR of HPV is promoted on these channels to increase uptake of the vaccine, so do this if only as PUSH BACK against such tactics!  If you wish to air my show regarding HPV, then contact me and I will send you a copy.