What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you? “Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” Saturdays at 7pm EST on RBN

It means a VACCINE FREE AMERICA to me, and this banner represents my position implicitly.  Perhaps by July 4, 2020 we will see all the lies toppled and the truth that our children are being injured and killed by vaccines revealed to all.  #VaccineFreeUSA!

New York has been the latest State to lose non-medical exemptions for children to attend school unvaccinated.  This on the heals of another FALSE FLAG measles outbreak.  Same reason they used to strip CA of their exemptions and the same reason they used to go door-to-door in Brooklyn to vaccinate children or penalize their parents a thousand dollars per child.  “Your Money or Your Life!”

There was a meeting at UNICEF recently wherein they were asking amongst themselves how to “Build Trust”.  My recommendation, “Tell the Truth!”.  Instead they chose to parrot the phrase “vaccines are safe and effective” (so many times I lost count).  See their conference in the comments area beneath.  All the usual suspects attended plus a few new ones.  Jimmy Kimmel even made a cameo, so you KNOW they’ll do the honorable thing (a-hem).

As you can see by the banner above, I have a new radio show on RBN, Republic Broadcasting Network which I am very proud to announce.  Ingri Cassell of VacLib.org recommended me for an opening just prior to her show “Immunize Wizely”.  My program is titled “VACCINE FREE AMERICA with Sallie Elkordy” and airs at 7pm EST (6central/5mountain/4pacific times) on Saturdays on RepublicBroadcasting.org.

Here is my first show, in which I introduce multiple facts about vaccination for the first half and for the second, I interview autism mother Heather Walker about how the new NY law to remove vaccine exemptions will affect her family.  It’s a dire, yet typical scenario: http://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-june-29-2019/.  This was such a thorough look at vaccine realities that I made a television show of it to educate AMERICA, so if you wish to air the program locally on TV where you live, please contact me here and I will facilitate it (see video above):  Facebook.com/VaccineFreeNYC or here:  “OUTLAWvaccines” on Twitter @OWvaccines.

All Episodes: http://Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeAmerica.

Many thanks to Daz Nez for providing “Word to the Wise”, the bumper music for the radio show and to Joe Jones of Airmail-Greetings.com, the Emmy award-winning artist who makes all my banners.

If you wish to know what inspired the artwork above (with the heart-shaped cloud), please listen to this important radio show: tobtr.com/11370755 (and know that Dr. Carley was released within 7 days after International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day in which her SCIENTIFIC EXEMPTION was announced and read aloud worldwide, scroll down to previous blog for US action).

Happy Independence Day (with a happier one just ahead!),

Sallie O. Elkordy, #VaccineFreeUSA

P. S. This is the ARCHIVE for all episodes (past, current and future) of “Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy” every Saturday at 7pm EST on RBN http://Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeAmerica and this is the short link for this Blog update, including comments: http://Tinyurl.com/RBN-VFA.

P. P. S. The documentary “We Do Not Consent to Vaccines” will be airing on TV in NYC on July 3rd at 3pm on MNN (and again on July 8th at 10:30am EST) and stars a multitude of activists: https://youtu.be/Cp-3hiy_E_M.  It has also been submitted for consideration for a Film Award.  I will apprise you of any good news in that regard.