Infant mortality on the day of birth in the USA is 50% HIGHER than the rest of the developed world COMBINED!!!  Please share this info with everyone.  Perhaps THIS statistic will awaken and ACTIVATE the previously ignorant or perpetually indifferent.

Infant mortality in the USA is a closely guarded secret.  The CAUSE, VACCINES is completely CENSORED; and propagandized to us as “safe”, of all things!  Did you know that the 1986 law to remove liability from vaccine manufacturers and healthcare workers also states that parents and guardians are NOT required to be informed of the known risks?  Congress protected these perpetrators, leaving the children receiving theses poisonous injections to perish and their families confused (and heartbroken).  The Supreme Court upheld this law stating that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” instead of banning them for that exact reason.  Our Government has FAILED US.  Our “trusted family physicians”, on the front line of this assault and having taken an oath to “first do no harm” have too!

“Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?”

15 Videos about Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome (VIDS).

“U.S. Kids More Likely to Die Than Kids in 19 Other Nations ~ The U.S. could have spared 600,000 lives“:

NYC A-L-E-R-T!!!  The OVERTURNED flu shot mandate for the TOTS in NYC has been itself overturned (or reinstated) and now UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXEMPTION; which is extremely difficult to get in NYC, you MUST HOMESCHOOL for Daycare through Kindergarten! This man MAY be able to get you an exemption in NYC if you are unable to stay home with your child:  So you realize, the first year you get the Flu Shot, the CDC calls for TWO of them (depending on what age you start:  6 months to 59 months old infants/toddlers).  *Important CLARIFICATION on the State’s ruling in the comment area beneath which only New Yorkers need to research.

KEY information about pregnancy, birth and infancy here:

50 interviews with families of children who have passed post-vaccination, mostly infants here:!

What’s in a vaccine?  Common components according to the CDC include Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Mercury and MSG.  Here are the other components, vaccine by vaccine:  Note:  if you think it can’t get worse, the latest component added on the schedule of vaccine excipients is E.Coli (in the meningitis vaccine).

COMPARE the following two statements:

“I was born in 1960 and received 5 doses of vaccines through the age of 18.”

“In 2018, in accordance with the CDC Schedule, infants receive 33 doses of vaccines in the first year of life (two of those at birth) as part of 74 vaccine doses through age 18.”

You never have to accept a vaccine and you can get exemptions for school.  Most people are unaware of this, so you must tell them (as I always say, “Risk Ridicule and Save a Child”).  See your state’s requirements for school here and find someone in your State to help you too

“Of 103 children who died of SIDS, 70% had received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks” ~

If the CDC’s current pregnancy schedule is followed, 4 doses in pregnancy with 4 additional doses allowable.  Many children are never even born due to the overwhelming vaccine schedule their mothers’ received.  Medical text books of yore instructed, ‘NEVER vaccinate a pregnant woman nor animal’.  What has changed?  How do they now justify this or do they not bother to?  The answer is the latter.

“The Plausible Connection between Vaccines and SIDS” talks about vaccination through infancy (thru a child’s first birthday) as does the first video above (10 of the dozen children referred to by name, died in infancy post-vaccination):

Two articles on DECEPTION with regard to reporting VIDS (vaccine-induced death syndrome):

  1. Deception in reporting deaths from an insider:
  2. Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions:


I know I have!!!  Help STOP this CRIME (which actually starts with the OFFERING of poison to be injected into children).  Most Doctors actually know better (but are monetarily incentivized to inject your child through the age of two).  Since you too now know better,  do nothing and the vaccine schedule will increase (271 new vaccines await adults), OR you can get active NOW wherever you may be.  Resources for your research and recommended actions here:

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S.  ADULTS, this is for YOU!  HR1313 for MANDATORY VACCINES for EMPLOYMENT ~ ~ ~


Short link to this blog update:

GOOD DOCTORS interviewed on “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio”

Hi Everyone, I have been meaning to compile all the interviews I have conducted with Doctors since 2011 on “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio” and have chosen the longest day of the year to do this so that you will have plenty of time to LISTEN!  Some I have interviewed multiple times, but Dr. Rebecca Carley I have interviewed more than 20 times and am adding her video because I believe it to be the most revealing about the profession itself.  To  your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy

Physicians listed alphabetically and in most cases, the most recent interview with each:

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on Why Vaccines Can Never be Effective:  Video:

Dr. Steven Baker interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Carley and myself.  Covered multiple topics ending with Fibromyalgia and recovery:

Dr. Toni Bark: (on targeting specific populations with vaccination.  Dr. Bark is a Pediatrician and the producer of the movie “Bought”)

Dr. Rebecca Carley:  Translating medical terminology in vaccine inserts on reactions  Autism Mother, formerly a Surgeon and renowned for  Call her at (812) 581-0530 if your child is injured.  This interview was recorded to educate legislators to sponsor the bill, “Ban Vaccines 2013”.  See for the text to this bill and listen:

Dr. Shiv Chopra (I was interviewed along with Dr. Chopra, Health Canada whistleblower and author of “Corrupt to the Core” by host Alfred Lambremont Webre of

Dr. Leonard Coldwell (renowned for curing cancer and author of “The Only Cure for Cancer”):

Dr. Jennifer Daniels ~ Host Dr. Rebecca Carley on “What’s Ailing America”:  Part 1) ~ Part 2)

Dr. Theresa Deisher & co-host Dr. Rebecca Carley

Dr. David Denton Davis ~ Author of “Who Can Parents Trust?  Vaccination:  Avoidable and Unsafe” ~ Hosted by Dr. Rebecca Carley on The Mary and Sallie Show:

Dr. Paget Anne of Essendon ~ PhD ~ Fascinating interview with an extraordinary Acupuncturist L.Ac 

Dr. Brian Hooker: (CDC Whistleblower revealed the cover up of the MMR vaccine and the rate of autism in black boys to Dr. Hooker.  This interview was to promote a protest against the former Director of the CDC who covered up these findings/evidence that proved vaccines cause autism.  The Autism Warrior of Long Island, Heather Turano who appeared in the movie “Silent Epidemic” called for this protest):

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: (Dr. Horowitz has been speaking truth for decades.  He was joined by Journalist Sherri Kane to discuss their award winning film “Un-Vaxxed”):

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: (co-author of “Dissolving Illusions”, was interviewed to prepare me to meet with and educate the Chairman of International UNICEF in an attempt to prevent a planned triple oral polio being administered to 22 million Syrian children after both the UK and the USA refused to bomb them)

Dr. Ghis Lanctot (renowned author of “The Medical Mafia”, known now as Madame Ghis, on her annual workshop between Christmas and the New Year):

Dr. Betty Martini, Iotragenisis (Doctor caused death)

Dr. Saurabh Mehrotra (Holistic physician from India who was preceeded by Christina England, author of “Vaccination Policy and the UK Government ~ The Untold Truth”):

Dr. Judy Mikovits (Government research scientist whose undesired discoveries resulted in her imprisonment.  She is also the author of the book “Plague”):

Dr. Vic Naumov, Author of “Generation SICK” and interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Carley with Sallie O. Elkordy:

Dr. Jane Orient (Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for 40 years, the AAPS is the lone medical organization to speak against mandated vaccination.  Dr. Carley is my co-host):

Dr. John Robb, DMV ~ Historic Legislation on Pet Vaccines:

Dr. Viera Scheibner, PhD (Natural Scientist, part one of a two part autobiography, the second is forthcoming and the photo above is Dr. Scheibner’s.  Researcher, Author and International Lecturer who is renowned for her work on SIDS or “Cot Death”):

Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT statistical researcher who says by 2032 one in two children will be autistic and is known for making the link between Autism and Glyphosate, which has been found in the MMR and several other vaccines.  Kerr Icansketchu of Real Organic Truth is my co-host):

Dr. Andrew Wakefield (preceded by Autism Mother Sheila Lewis Ealey from the movie “Vaxxed” which Andrew directed.  Dr. Wakefield’s life’s work is a critical part of this landmark film which we discuss on air on WBAI Radio in NYC):

If you are a Doctor who will risk everything to protect the public from vaccination and wish to be interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Carley and me, please contact me here:

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. I have had 5 different radio programs since 2011 and a couple of the Doctors I have interviewed, I no longer have the archive for, such as Dr. Nancy Banks and Dr. John Virapen.  If I can retrieve those interviews, I will add them to the list.  For now, they will appear in videos (in the comments area beneath this blog).  Remarkable speeches from each.  Added to those are three Holistic Practitioners: one from the USA, Robert Scott Bell and two from Canada:  Amandha Vollmer ( and David Stephan, all three worthy of your attention.

“The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio” ~ Top 20 from January-June 2018

Bear No Needles (the brief life of Berit McAbee) ~ Anne Bliss ~ Host Elkordy

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Author of “The Only Cancer Patient Cure” ~ Host Elkordy

Canada’s Attempt to Mandate Vaccines via Criminal Charges ~ David Stephan

MERCURY: The Profound Physical & Emotional Symptoms ~ Russ Tanner ~ Host Elkordy

Don’t Mess with Denise Marie ~ This Mom KNOWS her Rights! ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

Vaccines ~ POLAND: Socha, Rojek & Jawornik ~ ITALY: Tremante ~ Host Elkordy

The Autobiography of Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences ~ Host Elkordy

Forrest Maready’s “Crooked” & New Book “The Moth and The Iron Lung” Host Elkordy

Worship of the Unethical, PROTEST 5/3 NYC ~ Heather Turano & Dr. Brian Hooker

Vaccine Injured Veteran Denise Gonzalez Cosner + NJ and NY Events ~ Host Elkordy

RISN Residential Institutional Survivors Network Dublin Ireland ~ William Gorry

Mighty Alfie vs Medical, Political & Judicial System + Autism Up 15% in 2 Years!

Worldwide Protest Saturday ~ STOP MANDATORY VACCINATION ~ Host Elkordy

How to Turn a Mom into an Activist! ~ Donna Kazee ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

What if the Disease is the Cure? ~ Tracey Northern of Cancer Research Fraud

Janine DeRose is challenging Senator Pan in California! ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Texas Rally with Sheila Lewis Ealey ~ Kerra Icansketchu ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

“NIGHT TO SHINE” ~ Autism Mothers Heather Walker & Donna Delikat ~ Host Elkordy

Christina England’s Vaccine Articles Dr. Mehrotra, India Dr. Carley & Elkordy

HISTORIC! “Vaccine Free NYC” Marches in Parade ~ Yuka Azuma, Joe Jones, Elkordy

Vaccine-free isn’t a trend. It’s a return to tradition. Debunking a Century of Deceit.

This meme has had a boatload of shares because it has struck a chord with the reader.  Why squabble about all the evidence we have when we are responded to with outright lies to perpetrate the crime of vaccination?  Let tradition speak for us, I say.  Here are some OBVIOUS points to open the discussion about vaccination with, which most people’s own life experiences affirm.

1) When I want to engage a grandmother in a vaccine discussion, my opening line is, “You remember a time without vaccines and without autism.”  They heartily concur.

2) When I want to alert people to vaccines being the disease and not the cure I say, “Have you ever taken the flu shot and come down with the flu?”  Again, immediate recognition from personal experience about this fact.

3) Or, “If herd immunity is real, how come adults are not making people sick, as unvaccinated as they are?”  Again, hard to argue that observation either… see comments area beneath for a more in-depth look at this.

We have been fed lies for a Century.  I call it a “Century of Deceit” (see video banner).  All these lies are on one document and all the answers to these lies (the TRUTH) have been compiled, written and presented to each of these false claims, line by line in this ever-valuable document from Amandha Vollmer, a Naturopath from Canada with 20 years of research under her belt.


Dismantling House Resolution 327
Written & Compiled by Amandha D Vollmer BSc, HHP
“Every law not based on wisdom is a menace to the state”

Previous interview with Amanda Vollmer, BSc, Nature Doctor ~ SCIENTISM: The Cult of Vaccines

To your health!,

Sallie O. Elkordy

Dear Breda Murphy, Humanitarian and Activist has passed today, June 12, 2018

What can I say about the world’s renowned GeoEngineering Activist?  Breda Murphy spoke out about that issue, but also about Referendums that threaten Children (CRC) and all People in Ireland (Austerity), about Water Taxes and about Irish Sovereignty.  She cared about all those issues and more and was active and outspoken regularly in her home Country of Ireland, yet her voice reached every corner of the Globe.  She was an educator, a “spitfire” and a “trailblazer” and is known the world over for chaining herself to the fence outside the Government’s headquarters in Ireland in protest of Chemtrails and the inability to breathe.  Soft spoken, but impactful was she.   I cried upon hearing of my beloved friend’s passing and many others will as well.  Her relatives, Jayney Muldoon in particular and Robbie Kearns, her dear friend were kind to inform me of her imminent fate and I am so grateful for the opportunity to leave a message for Breda with the attending nurse before she passed. Conor Hogan has kept me apprised over the years and I am so grateful for that since none of my letters reached her at the facilities to my knowledge.   I hope those who received them enjoyed the updates and photos.  Perhaps the stroke kept her from responding.  I will never know.  Too bad there was no internet available to her because the entire community would have been eager to correspond with Breda until the very end.  Perhaps these years since 2014 were ‘a well deserved reprieve’ from activism… but knowing Breda, I sincerely doubt it.

Individual interviews with Breda from earliest (2012) to latest (2014).  Some time after the last interview she had a stroke and was in a Nursing Home or Hospitalized therefrom:

1/29/2012: The Mary and Sallie Show: Aerial Sprayings ~ Corexit in the Gulf with CJ Troxler and at 23:05 Breda enters the conversation to talk about the aerial sprayings in Ireland:

6/11/12: The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Breda Murphy on Irish Austerity

11/4/12: IRISH C.R.C. REF. VOTE “NO” ~ USA WRITE BAN VACCINES ~ VOTER’S RECEIPT  Breda comes in at 25 minutes.

*2/16/13:  Irish Sovereignty Breda Murphy first, then Ronnie Prine Father of Vaccine Injured Child

8/2/13: Ireland ~ Kathy Sinnott, former member of the EU Parliament for Ireland on the Child Referendum (which passed and is a huge tragedy as you will hear.) & Breda Murphy on the Water Tax

1/24/14: Activism ~ Breda Murphy on Chemtrails in Ireland and more

Breda Murphy is with the Angels above the Chemtrails, so she’s finally breathing easily.  Interviews with Breda, in reverse order with the most RECENT first:

*Breda had a friend make CDs from this interview and she passed them out in the streets to educate the ill-informed so that they would be aware of what Irisb Sovereignty is and to stand up with and for it.  This was a boon for those ill-aware of vaccine injury too since she was followed by a man whose child suffered severe damage (and subsequently passed at 22 years of age) from the injuries he sustained.  Ironically, this 55 pound grown child was unable to breath from the resultant seizures (100 a day which blocked his air supply).  Breda and the he actually had that, the inability to breath (she from the aerial sprayings and he from the vaccines) in common.

#BestOfBreda will be the hashtag I use when posting about her and perhaps you will too. Short link for this blog update:

Send me a sign dear friend, or perhaps you already have because the Skies are CLEAR today which I can only presume would be in Your Honor!  All my love, Sallie