Smiling through Ridicule, Censorship and Attacks, all the while Knowing what will Result if ADULTS REFUSE to WAKE UP and Act Responsibly to Save Children & Themselves from Forced Vaccination. It’s not coming, it’s HERE!

LISTEN to report on my meeting with Congressman Bill Posey on March 6, 2019 and hear about the most important issues facing us currently pertaining to vaccination:  Top 3 issues:  #MeaslesGate (added 2nd measles shot to childhood schedule with then: premeditated outbreaks, blaming of unvaccinated and removal of exemptions), #VaccineGate (zero antigens making vaccines all risk, no benefit as presented to the Italian Parliament, see video footage when you scroll down) and #RestorePharmaLiability (which, short of a ban would resolve all these problems instantly and has immense support because of it’s popularity with the massive number of misinformed pro-vaxxers, since even they want recourse if their child is injured).  Additionally, the Senate hearing revealed we must #RepealSmithMundtModernizationAct which allows our Government to propagandize the American people using all forms of media.

Criteria for determining if a vaccine caused an ailment as set forth by the European Union (answer 3 questions):  1) Did your child have this ailment prior to vaccination?  2) Is there a history of this ailment in your family?  3) Do other people suffer from the same ailment post-vaccination?  If you answered No/No/Yes, THE VACCINE CAUSED IT!  Having interviewed a thousand parents of vaccine injured or dead children, I assure you that each parent I have interviewed about their child’s ailment/death FITS these CRITERIA!

Have you been censored on social media for “violating community standards”?  If you are talking about vaccine facts, you have been.  Not just FB (as addressed in Ben Swann’s video beneath), but other social media outlets plus merchandizing outlets such as Amazon and Etsy.  THANKS to Congressman Bill Posey for countering Adam Schiff’s efforts to silence vaccine truth:

Trying to awaken people to their own demise after a CENTURY of DECEIT regarding vaccines is the hardest job imaginable!  Here are responses to the stock lies which have been perpetrated on the American public (and the world, but this one is sponsored by Adam Schiff and presented as H. Res. 327) as dismantled by Naturopath and vaccine historian Amandha Vollmer:  Vaccination is referred to by those who KNOW as “The Greatest Lie Against Humanity”.  What do I really mean by that?  In a word SURVIVAL.  We have literally TRASHED a generation of children who will never recover from all the poisons injected into them.  Who among them knows NOT to turn back to the perpetrators (the alopaths) for help?  I’m not sure we are going to win this battle for the lives of our children and their offspring (if vaccines have not robbed their fertility), but is it too much to want your children to outlive you?  Is it preposterous to expect they might have independent futures and children of their own?  The ANSWER is “YES, it is both ‘too much’ and ‘preposterous’ at the rate they are being vaccinated!”  Children receive 72 doses of these toxic poisons thru age 18:  33 doses through infancy alone when nothing other than mother’s milk will serve to protect them.  We are destroying their immune systems.  The OPPOSITE of what you have been informed by those who will profit from their ill health.

MEASLES are a BLESSING!  Did you know that acquiring measles naturally protects you for life from measles and also “PROTECTS against CANCERS, ASTHMA and ALLERGIES”?  Of course not, people might seek the natural immunity of measles if they knew (as they used to do before the measles vaccine), in lieu of the madness that is being promoted regarding the dangers of what may be the BEST GIFT your child ever receives!  This information is gleaned from Dr. Scheibner’s text as spoken in this video along with, “vaccine-preventable is false advertising” (presentation to the US Department of Health and Human Services 6/7/16  Dr. Scheibner also has been quoted as saying “vaccines have never been proven to prevent any disease”!

What if I told you that the ENTIRE premise of vaccination, which is to build antibodies against a virus, was a LIE?  You would be pretty mad, right? Well, the contents within vaccines do not possess the Antigens the vaccine pushers claim to protect us against as put forth in #VACCINEGATE.  Watch the presentation to the Italian Parliament (with English subtitles, which will air in NYC on television in April of 2019):  Read the latest on how the Italian government is responding.  Considering the outspokenness of the people against mandates, you will rightfully be appalled:

Listen to the radio program atop this blog update for detailed information, then scroll down for many stories and statistics to encourage your activism.  Get active or get vaccinated.


Sallie O. Elkordy (previously at  Still running for Mayor of NYC.  Not interested in the position if there are no more children, however!

P. S. Listen to all the interviews I have conducted recently on the issue of censorship along with the FACTS they are attempting to censor.  Please SHARE while you still can!

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