WELCOME YELLOW VESTS ~ Alert the World to Vaccine Damage & Death to Save Our Children!

There is a worldwide movement which started in France and is saying “NO” to Globalization, whose agendas is to eradicate 95% of humanity!  If you are surprised, then you have been watching the television instead of investigating this dire situation.  It is well known among those who have felt that something is WRONG and have done the research which has verified their intuition.  I have been informing people that children are DYING from VACCINATION for a long time and these three blogs are dedicated to my research, much of which has been done by interviewing Parents, Doctors, Scientists and Journalists who cover this issue:




If there is a more persistent deceit than vaccination, I cannot fathom what that would be.  Here are two parents; both have lost children from vaccination, speaking about how this all transpired.  These stories are typical as are the reactions to the vaccines themselves and you will do a great service to young couples by sharing this information with them before they too TRUST a system which has proven itself time and again to be working against humanity instead of on it’s behalf.  Listen to “The OUTRAGE that is VACCINES!” with bereaved parents Ronnie Prine and Alisa Neathery: http://tobtr.com/s/9754513.

Naturally, the Autism connection to vaccines has been covered-up by the same criminals who are responsible for injecting our children with toxic poisons (see mind-blowing Tinyurl.com/NoAntigens) and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XUM2gvfbW8.

I have so much more to share with you, but if you realize that INDEED VACCINES KILL and CAUSE AUTISM, you will know a great deal.  Do not neglect to listen to interviews with HPV vaccine victims here:  Tinurl.com/LegacyHPV because the injuries sustained from this vaccine are overwhelming.

I thank Joe Jones of Airmail-Greetings.com for executing the yellow vest artwork above precisely as I had envisioned it.  If you too are frustrated with people understanding the risks vaccination pose and DOING NOTHING about it, then PLEASE grab the yellow vest above and make it your Facebook photo status.  It was designed for that purpose.  Also, share the link to this blog update:  Tinyurl.com/YellowVax

Sallie O. Elkordy, Child Survival Advocate ~ Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC



#VACCINEGATE ~ Tests show “All Risk, No Benefit” (no antigens to build antibodies against!) ~ 36 Infants Die after 6-in-1 Injection

VACCINEGATE started with a protest against investigating the contents in vaccines (that alone is remarkable) and concluded with an investigation of 8 vaccines.  The results revealed two significant findings:  that the antigens supposed to be within vaccines weren’t present (therefore antibodies cannot be built up against them, which is the entire purpose of vaccination) https://realnewsaustralia.com/2018/12/20/infanrix-hexa-65-toxins-found-all-risk-no-benefit/ AND 65 ingredients were unknown to science: https://www.activistpost.com/2018/12/infanrix-hexa-vaccine-found-to-contain-65-unknown-to-science-compounds-latest-corvelva-investigative-assays-reveal.html.  This is startling and will be explored in an upcoming interview on “The Mary and Sallie Show” Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeRadio shortly.  The new 6 in 1 vaccine for infants killed 36 children and injured 1,700 in trials (this vaccine was the first of many to be investigated in that study).  Article by Christina England: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/vaccine-bombshell-leaked-confidential-document-exposes-36-infants-dead-after-vacc
~ CDC expert Dr. Zimmerman, who appeared on Sharyl Atkinson’s “Full Measure” television program states that vaccines DO cause autism (Brighteon.com/5987267866001) and was fired for changing his stance from the contrary (article by Catherine J. Frompovich https://www.activistpost.com/2019/01/cdcs-own-expert-vaccine-court-witness-confirmed-vaccines-can-cause-autism-so-they-fired-him-immediately.html).  This article, on the Autism Omnibus proceedings illustrates the impact this cover-up has had on thousands of families with autism: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/child-health-topics/righting-wrongs/request-for-office-of-inspector-general-to-investigate-fraud-and-obstruction-of-justice/.
~ Hollywood Stars were surprised with FREE FLU SHOTS at the 2019 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS as Andy Samberg joyously pronounced, “You’re welcome!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seqKlU3rTrA.  Will Keith Urban’s rejection of this shot cost him his career?  https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/a25768878/keith-urban-flinching-in-horror-at-the-golden-globes-flu-shots/.  Vaccines may actually be the new “pay” in “pay to play”.  Since I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, perhaps now those who are in a position to reach millions through their fan bases will act responsibly toward those fans by educating them to the dangers of vaccines.  Welcome to OUR WORLD!
To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy ~ Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC

2018 Popular Interviews on “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio”

Highlight for the Year 2018 was an interview with Congressman Bill Posey of Florida.  Representative Posey was also our Honoree for October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month this year.  “Parents Praise Posey” for his Courage (see ensuing blog).

Below you will find the most POPULAR programs (judged by the number of listens to the programs) to air on “The Mary and Sallie Show” in 2018 (starting with January and going through December with 2 two-part interviews).

Bear No Needles (the brief life of Berit McAbee) ~ Anne Bliss ~ Host Elkordy

Don’t Mess with Denise Marie ~ This Mom KNOWS her Rights! ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

What if the Disease is the Cure? ~ Tracey Northern of Cancer Research Fraud

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Author of “The Only Cancer Patient Cure” ~ Host Elkordy

Vaccine Injured Veteran Denise Gonzalez Cosner + NJ and NY Events ~ Host Elkordy

MERCURY: The Profound Physical & Emotional Symptoms ~ Russ Tanner ~ Host Elkordy

Canada’s Attempt to Mandate Vaccines via Criminal Charges ~ David Stephan and follow up interview in Dec. 2018 David Stephan & Madame Ghis on The Mary and Sallie Show

Worship of the Unethical, PROTEST 5/3 NYC ~ Heather Turano & Dr. Brian Hooker

Vaccines ~ POLAND: Socha, Rojek & Jawornik ~ ITALY: Tremante ~ Host Elkordy

Mighty Alfie vs Medical, Political & Judicial System + Autism Up 15% in 2 Years!

Forrest Maready’s “Crooked” & New Book “The Moth and The Iron Lung” Host Elkordy

Worldwide Protest Saturday ~ STOP MANDATORY VACCINATION ~ Host Elkordy

RISN Residential Institutional Survivors Network Dublin Ireland ~ William Gorry

The Autobiography of Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences ~ Host Elkordy and follow up interview in Dec. 2018 Autobiography of Dr. Scheibner, Part 2 – Pixie Seymour’s Agnotology in Vaccines

Baby Dawson, Perfection Before the Injection Alex Drabinski HostsElkordy&Ursino

For Love of Laurie: Mixed Blessings of a Vaccine Injured Child ~ Ruthann Ashlar

VAX Possible LEGAL Actions Frompovich Little, ITALY Modifies Mandates DeTaranto

EXPLOSIVE! Nurse Janice Hicks interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Carley & Sallie Elkordy

Dr. Rebecca Carley Reveals Package Insert “Reactions” to MMR and Flu Shot

Questions on ICAN addressed by Del Bigtree from Jamie Cosenza & Sherrie Saunders

Perspectives on Vaccines with Journalist Jeremy Hammond ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Congressman Bill Posey ~ Honoree for October, Vaccine Injury Awareness 2018 (same interview as in the video on top of this blog update)

Pediatric Nurse addresses ACIP ~ Patricia Neuenschwander ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

Separation of Medicine & State, ARGENTINA ~ R.S.Bell, Matias Diaz, Host Elkordy

Vaccination & Loss of Inalienable Rights ~ Lowell Finch ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

How to Handle #CrazyDoctors ~ Hillary Simpson of #CrazyMothers & Sallie Elkordy

The entire archive dating back to 2011 can be found at Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeRadio.

To your health!  Sallie O. Elkordy ~ Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC



NY & NJ Parents Praise Posey & TESTIFY to Save Humanity from Vaccines!

Here is the legislation that Congressman Bill Posey sponsored, which was one of several reasons we celebrated him for October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month 2018.  The bill calls for a Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study:  Tinyurl.com/HR3615.

Special thanks to Talk Show Hosts Alfred Lambremont Webre and Robert Scott Bell for helping to promote this event on their programs and to Kathleen Colfer Seravalli for sending remarkable speakers from New Jersey:  Kathleen Whelan Ferris (and son Luke who sang and played guitar), Carolyn Simpson and Dan Shapiro and Mothers from NY:  Stef Miharas and Zoey O’Toole.  Much appreciation to the people who travelled from afar to participate as our audience!  As always, I must thank the artist whose banners have graced all of my events, Joe Jones of Airmail-Greetings.com.  Two well known websites published our radio interview with Representative Posey:  Aircrap.org and VaccineLiberationArmy.com

The video, which was recorded by James Lane will air in NYC on television during December.  Two separate programs, both of which you can watch above:  first “Fantastic Forum NY Parents” and directly following, “Fantastic Forum NJ Parents”.  If you wish to air one or both of these hour-long programs on your local public access television station, please contact me (Sallie) here:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC.

Please become an EXPERT yourself because our numbers must grow at an accelerated pace to save humanity in actuality.  This link has tremendous resources which I hope you will investigate, and therefrom educate:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeWorld.

Sallie O. Elkordy, Child Survival Advocate ~ Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeRadio


Summer 2018: Interviews from 7 Nations on “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio”

Most USEFUL interviews:  one Medical and one Legal:

MEDICAL:  Vaccine Reactions in Layman’s Terms with Dr. Rebecca Carley Dr. Rebecca Carley Reveals Package Insert “Reactions” to MMR and Flu Shot.  Vaccine Excipients Table from the CDC (“Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.” -U. S. Supreme Court, 2011): https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf

LEGAL:  Exemptions, The Vaccine Court, Questions Vaccine Exemptions & Injuries: FILE YOUR CLAIM! Wallace Rubolino Ursino Saunders & Answers: http://tobtr.com/10972407

Most COMPELLING interviews (determined by number of listens) from SEVEN NATIONS: Australia, Belgium, England, India, Italy, Poland and the USA.

Baby Dawson, Perfection Before the Injection Alex Drabinski HostsElkordy&Ursino

The Autobiography of Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences ~ Host Elkordy

RISN Residential Institutional Survivors Network Dublin Ireland ~ William Gorry

VAX Possible LEGAL Actions Frompovich Little, ITALY Modifies Mandates DeTaranto

For Love of Laurie: Mixed Blessings of a Vaccine Injured Child ~ Ruthanne Ashkar

Worldwide Protest Saturday ~ STOP MANDATORY VACCINATION ~ Host Elkordy

Christina England’s Vaccine Articles Dr. Mehrotra, India Dr. Carley & Elkordy

Alan Phillips, Vaccine Rights Attorney is Under Attack ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

BABY given HPV Shot: Suffers, Stolen, Mom Accused. Anita Vasquez England/Elkordy

EXPLOSIVE! Nurse Janice Hicks interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Carley & Sallie Elkordy

Activist Mom of Two Vaccine Injured Girls ~ Lynette Marie Barron ~ Host Elkordy

Who’s Smarter than a Doctor? ~ Joseph Sikora, Truth Train ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy http://Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC

P. S. Please PARTICIPATE for October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month by TESTIFYING to your children’s injuries or death post-vaccination on Saturday, October 13th at 2pm in NYC.  We are also HONORING Congressmen Carolyn Maloney & Bill Posey for sponsoring legislation to conduct an ‘Official Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study’  http://Tinyurl.com/OctoberFantasticForum.



FANTASTIC FORUM: Mothers Testify to Save Humanity! ~ Honoring Congressman Bill Posey for sponsoring legislation for a Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study

Honoring Congressman Bill Posey for OCTOBER Vaccine Injury Awareness Month to thank him for sponsoring legislation for a Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study: Tinyurl.com/HR3615.

Listen to my interview with Representative Posey along with fellow child survival advocates Kathleen Colfer Seravalli (pictured directly below), Robert Scott Bell, Marsha McClelland, Dr. Rebecca Carley and Virginia Young onThe Mary and Sallie Show“. Share this interview to alert legislators and parents: http://tobtr.com/s/11009531.

Reaching out to Mothers of Vaccine Injured or Deceased Children to ask them to SPEAK, EDUCATE & WARN other parents to prevent further vaccine-induced TRAGEDIES from occurring.  It is left to us to undo the societal brainwashing (benefitting the few at the expense of the many).  Legislators have been informed, but thus far refuse to act (with rare exceptions).  As for the medical industry, it appears their true purpose is to poison and cull for profit.  Even “holy men” have sold their souls to promote vaccines instead of protecting their congregations from them.  Those who understand through experience and research… and actually CARE that our species continues, have a daunting task before them:  to save the others, the ones who are not yet aware.

The following parents are speaking:

Stef Miharas

Kathleen Ferris Whelan

Zoey O’Toole

Christian Palma

Carolyn Gordinier Simpson

Dan Shapiro

Kathleen’s son Luke Mammal played the guitar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3UD6WF9fv8) as people gather to start this event.

I tape for TV and air there as well. ALL of us can do this using our local public access television stations, which you can look up at videouniversity.com (proof of local residency required),  It’s a FREE service throughout the USA and a top notch educational tool for the many people who STILL get their information from television.

Emmy Award Winning Artist and Superhero in his own right, Joe Jones of Airmail Greetings From Artist Joe Jones provided this beautiful graphic

This event is free and open to the public.  Children are welcome.

RSVP and invite your friends here: https://www.facebook.com/events/317199105733915/

Thank you, Sallie O. Elkordy tinyurl.com/OctoberFantasticForum


Infant mortality on the day of birth in the USA is 50% HIGHER than the rest of the developed world COMBINED!!!  Please share this info with everyone.  Perhaps THIS statistic will awaken and ACTIVATE the previously ignorant or perpetually indifferent.

Infant mortality in the USA is a closely guarded secret.  The CAUSE, VACCINES is completely CENSORED; and propagandized to us as “safe”, of all things!  Did you know that the 1986 law to remove liability from vaccine manufacturers and healthcare workers also states that parents and guardians are NOT required to be informed of the known risks?  Congress protected these perpetrators, leaving the children receiving theses poisonous injections to perish and their families confused (and heartbroken).  The Supreme Court upheld this law stating that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” instead of banning them for that exact reason.  Our Government has FAILED US.  Our “trusted family physicians”, on the front line of this assault and having taken an oath to “first do no harm” have too!

“Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3170075/.

15 Videos about Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome (VIDS).

“U.S. Kids More Likely to Die Than Kids in 19 Other Nations ~ The U.S. could have spared 600,000 lives“: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2018-01-11/us-has-highest-child-mortality-rate-of-20-rich-countries

NYC A-L-E-R-T!!!  The OVERTURNED flu shot mandate for the TOTS in NYC has been itself overturned (or reinstated) and now UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXEMPTION; which is extremely difficult to get in NYC, you MUST HOMESCHOOL for Daycare through Kindergarten! This man MAY be able to get you an exemption in NYC if you are unable to stay home with your child:  www.CFIC.us.  So you realize, the first year you get the Flu Shot, the CDC calls for TWO of them (depending on what age you start:  6 months to 59 months old infants/toddlers).  *Important CLARIFICATION on the State’s ruling in the comment area beneath which only New Yorkers need to research.

KEY information about pregnancy, birth and infancy here: Tinyurl.com/AvertTragedy.

50 interviews with families of children who have passed post-vaccination, mostly infants here:  Tinyurl.com/VIDSalert!

What’s in a vaccine?  Common components according to the CDC include Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Mercury and MSG.  Here are the other components, vaccine by vaccine:  http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf.  Note:  if you think it can’t get worse, the latest component added on the schedule of vaccine excipients is E.Coli (in the meningitis vaccine).

COMPARE the following two statements:

“I was born in 1960 and received 5 doses of vaccines through the age of 18.”

“In 2018, in accordance with the CDC Schedule, infants receive 33 doses of vaccines in the first year of life (two of those at birth) as part of 74 vaccine doses through age 18.”

You never have to accept a vaccine and you can get exemptions for school.  Most people are unaware of this, so you must tell them (as I always say, “Risk Ridicule and Save a Child”).  See your state’s requirements for school here and find someone in your State to help you too http://VacLib.org.

“Of 103 children who died of SIDS, 70% had received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks” ~ http://www.educate4theinjured.org/single-post/2014/07/31/131-Ways-for-an-Infant-to-Die-Vaccines-Sudden-Infant-Death

If the CDC’s current pregnancy schedule is followed, 4 doses in pregnancy with 4 additional doses allowable.  Many children are never even born due to the overwhelming vaccine schedule their mothers’ received.  Medical text books of yore instructed, ‘NEVER vaccinate a pregnant woman nor animal’.  What has changed?  How do they now justify this or do they not bother to?  The answer is the latter.

“The Plausible Connection between Vaccines and SIDS” talks about vaccination through infancy (thru a child’s first birthday) as does the first video above (10 of the dozen children referred to by name, died in infancy post-vaccination): https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/the-plausible-connection-between-vaccines-and-sids/

Two articles on DECEPTION with regard to reporting VIDS (vaccine-induced death syndrome):

  1. Deception in reporting deaths from an insider: http://vaccineimpact.com/2018/death-certificate-clerk-reveals-how-cause-of-death-reporting-is-subjective-and-cdc-statistics-are-not-reliable-when-making-public-health-decisions/.
  2. Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions: https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/the-tail-wagging-the-dog-death-categorization-drives-healthcare-decisions/

Had ENOUGH? https://www.facebook.com/greenmedinfo/videos/10156040065253490/.

I know I have!!!  Help STOP this CRIME (which actually starts with the OFFERING of poison to be injected into children).  Most Doctors actually know better (but are monetarily incentivized to inject your child through the age of two).  Since you too now know better,  do nothing and the vaccine schedule will increase (271 new vaccines await adults), OR you can get active NOW wherever you may be.  Resources for your research and recommended actions here:  http://Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeWorld.

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy http://www.facebook.com/VaccineFreeNYC/

P. S.  ADULTS, this is for YOU!  HR1313 for MANDATORY VACCINES for EMPLOYMENT ~ https://healthimpactnews.com/2017/h-r-1313-bill-would-require-medical-procedures-like-vaccines-as-requirement-for-employment/ ~ https://naturalnews.com/2017-04-30-vaccine-industry-goes-nuclear-in-push-law-that-would-deny-you-your-job-if-you-arent-vaccinated.html ~ https://www.naturalhealth365.com/vaccination-legislation-2239.html

P. P. S.  “WORD TO THE WISE:  ALWAYS REJECT VACCINES!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq1mwJP2FJE

Short link to this blog update:  http://Tinyurl.com/InfantMortalityUSA