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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have decided to share my PASSION for “Chick Flicks” with you.  If you’re a hopeless ROMANTIC, you will be rewarded by all the odd numbered videos and if you are a lover of MANKIND, you will be rewarded by the even numbered videos.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

13) “Hope Floats” Sandra
15) “Never Been Kissed” Drew
17) “The Holiday” Cameron & Kate
21) “Shakespeare in Love” Gwyneth
23) “Something’s Gotta Give” Diane
35) “Like Water for Chocolate” Italian
39) “The Notebook” Rachel
40) “Word to the Wise” DazNez
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Ambassadors for a Vaccine Free World

Anyone who will take the time to do the Research is Encouraged to also do the Outreach.  Public Speaking is required and here are the tools to prepare you to succeed starting with Resources to investigate, then Places to speak publicly, then how to get these speeches on Television to REACH as many people as possible.

The “Ambassadors for a Vaccine Free World” ARTWORK directly above is sized for a Business Card and you are asked to Grab it and upload it to or another printer so that the people you address will understand your Purpose.  I designed it with no copywrite on purpose, so that you can USE it.

Online Resources to Investigate: (Erwin’s site) (Ingri’s site, School Vax Exemptions) (Jim’s site) (Tocco’s site, inserts) (Jessica/Charlotte’s site) (Joan’s site) (Greg’s site) (Ingri’s site) (Jeffry’s site) (John’s archive) (Eileen’s site) (Joel’s site) (Tenpenny’s site) (Alan’s site) (Sallie’s archive) (Sallie’s blog) (Pets addressed) (Neil’s site) (Kathleen’s site) (Mary’s site) (Norma’s site HPV Vaccine) (Mike’s site) (16 Videos)

Bring a One Sheet Handout with you when you speak.  This is what I distribute on one side of the handout sheet in 8 pt. type; and on the other side, either more information, the current vaccine schedule (76 doses thru 18 years of age, more than a 1/3 given in infancy), or the artwork above (which may also be used for cards and banners):

Proposal for a “VACCINE FREE WORLD” due to poisonous ingredients; resultant diseases and intent to harm.
1) TOXIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN VACCINES: * aluminum hydroxide * aluminum phosphate * ammonium sulfate *amphotericin B * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain * dog kidney, monkey kidney * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg * calf (bovine) serum * betapropiolactone * fetal bovine serum * formaldehyde * formalin * gelatin * glycerol * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) * hydrolized gelatin * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate) * monosodium glutamate (MSG) * neomycin * neomycin sulfate * phenol red indicator * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) * potassiumdiphosphate * potassium monophosphate * polymyxin B * polysorbate 20 * polysorbate 80 porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein * residual MRC5 proteins * sorbitol * tri(n)butylphosphate * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells * washed sheep red blood plus (source, The Physicians Warrantee of Vaccine Safety).  E.coli is on the CDC’s Vaccine Excipients Table: and week killer, Glyphosate has been found in 5 vaccines (most is in the MMR).
2) DISEASES FROM VACCINES:* Allergies * Asthma * Attention Deficit Disorder *Autism *Auto-immune Diseases * Blindness * Brain Cell Loss *Cancer * Central NervousSystem Damage* Deafness * Developmental Damage *DEATH * Diabetes * Epilepsy *Learning Disabilities * Leukemia * Multiple Sclerosis * Neurological Disease *Organ Disease * Psoriasis * Seizures * Shaken Baby Syndrome * Synergistic Toxicity *SIDS * Total Paralysis * All Diseases in Internal Medicine, “Vaccine Reactions”
3-A) INTENT: “The Vaccine Hoax is Over” by Andrew Baker, “Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have
1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies
Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.” ~ Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic’s full paper can be downloaded:
3-B) INTENT: The World Health Organization: commentary by Dr. Rebecca Carley, “1972 WHO Vaccine Memos which reveal nefarious intent: 1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No. 2 Memoranda # 1 and # 2 Virus-associated immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:
1) First totally disable the Immune System.
2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection.
3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.
~ One, Two, Three, Dead. This is a crucial piece of evidence of WHO’s long-term genocidal intentions that could stand in any court of law because these memorandums give the best and fullest explanation of WHO’s affiliated labs (such as the CDC’s) current activities, such as their patenting of the most lethal bird flu viruses, sending that virus to Baxter’s subsidiary in Austria, which weaponized it and sent out 72 kilos to 16 labs in four countries almost triggering a global pandemic.
~ For every crime there needs to be motive, an indication that it was deliberate, planned. The WHO memorandums provide the evidence of just that deliberate, long-term planning to kill people by weakening their immune system by use of the first vaccine, injecting a live virus into their body by a second, and creating a cytokine storm using squalene in a third.
~ The cover-up of these vaccine-induced epidemics is aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.
3-C) INTENT/COVER-UP: “At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for30Years Proving this Vaccine Unsafe (measles) Finally Revealed”
3-D) INTENT/COVER-UP: “Deadly Immunity” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
~ The USA’s Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is the highest of 34 Countries. The USA injects children with the greatest number of vaccination doses. The country with the lowest IMR gives the fewest vaccine doses to infants. The correlation between the number of doses of vaccines and the death rate of infants is thus apparent as mentioned by Representative Bill Posey at the Autism Hearing in November of 2012
~ “Disease Rates of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated” (vaccinated children have up to 5 times the rate of diseases and disorders as unvaccinated children) ~ Autoimmune diseases
~ Violating The Nuremberg Code
~ Most of the evidence against vaccination has been suppressed by the mainstream media, but Parents of Vaccine Injured and Dead Children have created a multitude of educational forums such as and; Professionals; Exemptions & 3,000 Public Comments &
WHERE can you Address People?
~ Cindy Lang Walsh (author of addresses people at Toastmasters and here is their website ( so that you can find the chapters closest to you (there are 300 within reach of me!).  Cindy says, “Join one and you can speak at all.”  Her efforts were the inspiration behind these actions.  Listen to an interview with Virginia Young of “One Night, One Light” (a long term educator) to hear the birth of this idea:
~ My friend Mary Pulles Cavanaugh drives a cab and educates people while she works.  Please see her website and order her book, “The Book On Greatness” while you are there:  If you serve the public, consider doing this too.
~ I, Sallie O. Elkordy of educate parents on their way to playgrounds; I educate mostly grandmothers at a busy bus stop (several bus lines stop there) and now that it’s cold, I educate singles inside bars (those looking to hook up and procreate, before they achieve this).  I have held several “Parenting Lectures”, but they were poorly attended and not worth my time, effort, nor expense.  The other suggestions; however, are definitely worth pursuing as well as Public Stands to bring attention to specific and/or current issues (
~ Again, bring your cards and/or information sheets.  You can hand-write on the backs of the cards, or print up 5 lines on address labels and stick them on the back of each card.
AIRING your Speeches on Television:
~ If you are making a proper speech, as you would from the podium at Toastmasters, or during a protest on the Steps of your local City Hall, then please Videotape it and air it on local public access television.  Look up your local station here ( if you live in the USA.  You will have to prove that you live locally with a photo ID and two utility bills indicating you live at that address.  Please do not confuse Local Public Access Television (FREE to use) with PBS because you would be incorrect in doing so.
JOIN our Facebook Group, “Ambassadors for a Vaccine Free World”:

The “No Vaccine in 2018!” Dream Team hosted by Alfred Lambremont Webre + SOLUTIONS.

Dr. Rebecca Carley (trained as a surgeon and currently reversing vaccine induced diseases), Madame Ghis (formerly Dr. Lanctot, author of “The Medical Mafia”) and Dr. Viera Scheibner, PhD in Natural Sciences including Biology and Anatomy.  I [Sallie O. Elkordy @VaccineFreeNYC] had the privilege of coordinating this Dream Team.

Alfred Lambremont Webre suggested 2 SOLUTIONS explained in the interview above and enumerated here:

1) ABROGATE THIS!  Alfred refers to Treaties that need to be abrogated to free humanity which he interviewed Laura Eisenhower about ( and the petition to abrogate them:  Although these treaties address many issues, I am addressing vaccines and this is what I wrote about on the petition, “Vaccination is Child Abuse. Infant Mortality Rate in the USA is our National DISGRACE! Now 1 in 36 children have AUTISM and 54% of our children have CHRONIC ILLNESS. Sterilization is also being caused by vaccines. Recently a teenager who was severely injured by the HPV vaccine committed suicide so that he would not be a burden to his family. In a word, ENOUGH! P. S. Nobody is liable for all this death, damage and sterility and in cases of divorce, the judges who require these vaccines be administered are ALSO not liable for their deeds. Those who PROTECT vaccines do NOT protect CHILDREN.”

2) WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL on a “Genocidal Bioweapon”, the legal terminology for the effects of Vaccines.  Alfred conducted this interview because 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu which he conducted a remarkable interview about several years ago:

The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban,

Sallie O. Elkordy

P. S. More information from Alfred Lambremont Webre:

President Trump, Make America’s CHILDREN Great Again! ~ Requesting you to sign an Executive Order for a #VaccineFree2017

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I am writing to ask you to outlaw vaccines and save our babies. The common components in vaccines include aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and MSG per the Centers for Disease Control. These are toxic poisons, especially in the blood stream. The results of these poisons are creating very sick or dead children. Children are dying in infancy due to the 33 doses given to them and mothers are miscarrying due to the 4 recommended doses for them. Polysorbate 80 is a sterilization component and is the second ingredient in the Vitamin K shot given to all children in NY State at birth. I could go on, but I believe what I have just stated is sufficient to call for at least a moratorium on this program. Everyone is wise to what I have just informed you of, but are turning their heads away as our children suffer and die. Families are heartbroken needlessly; all from the vaccines they were told were safe and effective, but instead are damaging their children. 

I would appreciate a meeting with you to address every issue regarding vaccination because; as a person whose family has been affected, I have dedicated my time to investigating what went wrong and how it can be fixed. My conclusion is this: 

Please sign an Executive Order for a “VACCINE FREE 2017” due to poisonous contents, resultant diseases, the high infant mortality rate in our Country vs. other Countries who do not administer as many vaccines, and the exceptionally good health of the unvaccinated (there are 4 studies, just none conducted by our government) vs. the vaccinated who suffer chronic ill health. The 1986 Act, which lifted liability from the vaccine manufacturers, also states that informing parents of vaccine risks is NOT required. 

I have approached Congress since 2009 to Ban Vaccines (most recently, and have voted for you because your statements indicated you understood that vaccines were a bona fide threat to children.   We will never make America great unless our children are capable. They are diminished by vaccination. Please outlaw vaccines for Christmas and preserve a future for our Country.

 Sincerely, Sallie O. Elkordy (received by on 12/4/17)


On June 7, 2016, I [Sallie O. Elkordy] addressed the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) of the Department of Health and Human Services to request they recommend a “National Moratorium on Vaccination” using the reasoning of the best researched PhD in Natural Sciences including Biology and Anatomy, Dr. Viera Scheibner.  Here is the video of that day ( and the TEXT, which the NVAC requested and possesses.

“All information on the ineffectiveness of any and all vaccines to prevent the targeted diseases and the seriousness and high level of reactions to any and all vaccines has been documented by medical research and published in reputable medical and scientific journals, right from the beginning of mass vaccination programs. 2. The only response and effect of all and any vaccines is anaphylaxis sensitization, a harmful immune response resulting in increased susceptibility of the vaccine recipients to the targeted diseases and also to related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections. There is no benefit whatsoever from vaccination. The term vaccine “preventable” is false advertising. The long-term deleterious vaccine effects are behind the “modern diseases”, such as cancer, chronic ill health, immunoreactive, autoimmune and immune disorders. Vaccines are contaminated by chemicals and biological, which should never be injected into anything living. Animals suffer the same deleterious effects as humans. 3. Deleterious effects of all and any vaccines are characteristic but not specific to any one vaccine. They are subject to the well-defined concept in medicine (biology) called the non-specific stress syndrome. There are No better and No effective vaccines and any further development of vaccines is futile and should be scrapped. All mass vaccination programs should be abandoned. 4. There is only one immunity, the natural immunity achieved by exposure to natural infectious diseases. As an example, having measles not only results in a life-long solid immunity to measles but also to cancer, asthma and allergies, as published in medical research journals. Natural infectious diseases are beneficial by priming and maturing the immune system and they also represent developmental milestones.


Above are two distinctly separate messages, one realistic and from a person whose family members have been the victims of vaccination and the second from a scientist whose explanation is derived from decades of research.  Everyone reading this has their own perspective and I ask you to send your letter to President Trump at the White House in time for a New Year’s signature on an Executive Order for a VACCINE FREE 2017!

Write or Call the White House:

The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban, Sallie O. Elkordy


More Info:


Best of “The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio” for 2017

“The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccine Free Radio” is the longest running program dedicated to vaccination information.  Parents, activists and experts share their knowledge and experiences to WARN PARENTS to STOP ACCEPTING VACCINES.  The shows listed below received the most listens during 2017 (entire archive dating back to 2011:

Marjorie Catone, “Vaccines have Stolen my Perfect Baby Nicholas” ~ Host Elkordy

K. Rojek, POLAND & A. Watson, UK ~ June 3 Vaccine Injury Actions ~ Host Elkordy

LOV – Liberi dall’Obbligo Vaccinale ~ Ana Demian ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

20 Year Vaccine Researcher Assesses H. Res. 327 ~ Amanda Vollmer ~ Host Elkordy

Dr. Rebecca Carley is paying a HUGE price for Reversing Vaccine Induced Diseases

Emery’s Memory: A Life with a Beautiful Purpose ~ August & Jarod Owens ~ Elkordy

ITALY Protests to STOP Vaccine Tyranny ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy & Deniece Young

12 Shots-1 Day Italian Children Giorgio Tremante, Silvia Ghiretti, Host Elkordy

“Empty Stroller Walk”, 3/5 on YOUR Main Street ~ Sherry Frady ~ Host Elkordy

Historic Legislation on Pet Vaccines ~ John Robb, DVM ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Vaccine Truth Warriors United ~ Jeri Keith ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Iris Figueroa STUNS Poison Control with Vaccines Contents ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

ITALY to MANDATE VACCINES? SPQR! Lucrezia Moro, Erwin Alber Host Sallie Elkordy

2017 ALERT & AWARENESS ~ NY & NJ Right Now! ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre & Elkordy

Stop Child Stealing by the State, STOP SB18! ~ Gabriel Silva ~ Hicks & Elkordy

EMFs & 5G: What Parents Need to Know ~ Catherine J. Frompovich ~ Host Elkordy

LIVE from The Boston Herald Rally with Health Choice MA ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Italian Children: 12 Vaccines in ONE DAY? ~ Young, Jaxen, Palumbo, Host Elkordy

Christopher Wyatt ~ SPOTTING THE TRUTH ~ Measles, Syracuse, NY ~ Host Elkordy

Parents United for Kids Against SB18 Stefanie Duncan Fetzer Host Sallie Elkordy

Preemie Dies Post Vaccination, Blamed on Co-Sleeping ~ Hope Doucet Host Elkordy

Christy Lynn Day Won’t Go Quietly! Baby Boy Reid Died from Vaccination ~ Elkordy 

Terry Roark on California’s SB18 and the Aftermath of SB277 Host Sallie Elkordy

Holly Marie Stavola’s Story Mother Robin & Brother Tom ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

The OUTRAGE that is VACCINES! ~ Ronnie Prine & Alisa Neathery ~ Host Elkordy

Baby Dies Post Shots (Preg, Birth, 2 mos.) ~ Doula Gaela Fisher ~ Host Elkordy

VAXXED Stars: Sheila Ealey, Andrew Wakefield & Del Bigtree ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

Incest Survivor, Author, Filmmaker Terri Johnson TELL TELL SIGNS ~ Host Elkordy

Vaccines: UNICEF Christina England, ITALY Diego Mariani ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

JUSTICE for JODIE ~ Patricia & William Marchant ~ Hosts Ursino & Elkordy

“Sounding the Alarm on Poisonous Vaccines” ~ Sisters Monica & Camisha Muhammad

Europeans THREATENED with Vaccine Induced Extinction: Louise de France & Elkordy

Jeremy Hammond ~ AAP, Where’s the Science Proving Vaccines Safe? ~ Host Elkordy

Vaccination: It’s a Spiritual War! ~ Dr. Carley, Sheila Ealey & Sallie Elkordy

SCIENTISM: The Cult of Vaccines ~ Amanda Vollmer, BSc Naturopath ~ Host Elkordy

Christopher Died from a Planned Pandemic Flu Vaccine ~ Kanervisto Ursino Elkordy

N.J. Medical Freedom Advocates 9/23 Kathleen Colfer Seravalli & Dr. Steve Safta

Zen Honeycutt ~ Glyphosate Contamination in Food and Vaccines ~ Host Elkordy

Tyranny is Un-Constitutional: 9th Amendment ~ David Oldham & Host Sallie Elkordy

OUTCASTS! Rhonda Apollo, Jeri Keith, Lowell Hubbs and Sallie O. Elkordy, Host

REGAINING your PARENTAL RIGHTS ~ Jeff Lewis, Dan Johnson, Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Veteran Sherrie Saunders for U. S. Senate from Alabama ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Trina Ricketts HEALTH IS WEALTH: Don’t Let Vaccines Happen to You! Host Elkordy

Terri LaPoint ~ Children Targeted for Horrible Fates ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Rebecca Bredow FREED from JAIL: Analysis ~ Jefferey Jaxen Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Health Professionals & Vaccines ~ Dr. Rebecca Carley interviews Michael King, RN

Evidence Discarded in Vaccine Induced Death ~ Hill & Fisher ~ Ursino & Elkordy

Flu Shot Leads to Permanent Sick Day ~ Jennifer Whitney ~ Hosts Young & Elkordy

MAMA WARRIORS ~ Diann Goode, Peggy Hartman ~ Hosts Dr. Carley & Sallie Elkordy

Mark Blaxill of Age of Autism: 1 in 36 and “Denial” ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Jim O’Kelly’s Latest Billboard is FLYING HIGH! ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

PAMFA’s Making It Happen in PA ~ Crystal Hunsicker and Host Sallie O. Elkordy

Empowering Women through BIRTH ~ Erin Gypsy Jones ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy


Please listen to each of these radio programs and SHARE THEM to SAVE CHILDREN from Vaccine Induced Injury and Death (short link to these radio programs is  

If you prefer videos, check the comments area for a series of 16 worth your time.


The only safe regulation for vaccines is a ban, 

Sallie O. Elkordy ~

Contact “The Mary and Sallie Show”:

P. S. Please request that President Donald J. Trump sign an Executive Order for a “VACCINE FREE 2017” now

Wise Woman: Alisha Ritt passed 6 years ago today, on 11/1/11, video from 2009

How many people do you know who were speaking out against BOTH vaccines and aerosol sprayings in 2009 and stating frankly that they are being used to depopulate?  No one!  Alisha and I held 9 meetings on sprayings alone.

Intelligent, feisty, a poet and brilliant pianist (Chopin was her favorite), Alisha Ritt educated and inspired.  Vaccine injured herself from the shingles vaccine, which gave her shingles (and is the lone vaccine you can sue a pharmaceutical company for since it does not appear on the childhood vaccination schedule:, she sought to educate others and did so successfully.

Was she dismissed and ridiculed?  Of course, that comes with the territory when you are AWAKE before others, but it never dampened her spirit to convey what is true to the benefit of humanity.  I asked Alisha time and again if I could videotape her and I am so glad she finally agreed and that I can share her with you today.  This is a time-capsule of an early outspoken activist on the topics of Vaccination and GeoEngineering.  Peace activist Cindy Sheehan brought us together indirectly as it was at my fundraiser for Cindy’s run for Congress that we met.

I held a memorial gathering for Alisha at which many people spoke and thankfully her granddaughter was present to meet her friends and admirers.

The photo above was taken the day that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license was revoked.  He was informed about this on air on NBC’s Today Show in Rockefeller Center (appropriately).  This was supposed to be his public humiliation, but instead one would have thought it to be his VICTORY party!  We went to show him support and respect along with a multitude of Autism Mothers to whom he is a hero (latest article about Wakefield was published today:

Two of Alisha’s favorite websites were and  She would have wanted you to know since she is not here to educate you herself.

Alisha was my mentor and I miss her, Sallie O. Elkordy


Happy Halloween ACTION!

This is what I will be printing on the BACK of the flyer above which will be distributed to all the trick or treaters’ PARENTS who visit me.  Please prepare flyers for the same purpose.  Grab the artwork above and copy and paste the links below on the back.  Best day of the year, cause it’s the ONLY day when people come to you.  Don’t waste it, EDUCATE ~ EDUCATE ~ EDUCATE !!!  Past years I have printed the text from proposed legislation with vaccine ingredients, reactions and intent, which you may prefer.  In that case copy and paste this text to the backs of the flyers:  Thank you for caring enough to take this ACTION.


INFORMATIVE WEBSITES (Erwin’s site) (Ingri’s site, School Vax Exemptions) (Jim’s site) (Tocco’s site, inserts) (Jessica’s site) (Joan’s site) (Greg’s site) (Ingri’s site) (Jeffry’s site) (John’s archive) (Eileen’s site) (Joel’s site) (Tenpenny’s site) (Alan’s site) (Sallie’s archive) (Sallie’s blog) (Pets addressed) (Neil’s site) (Kathleen’s site) (Mary’s site) (Norma’s site HPV Vaccine) (Mike’s site) (16 Videos)

“Vaccination Policy and the U.K. Government:
the Untold Truth” by England & Tomljenovich
“Vaccination Voodoo: What YOU Don’t Know
About Vaccines” by Frompovich & King
“The Book On Greatness: How to Keep Shining
Your Light by Mary Pulles Cavanaugh
“Eat to Beat Disease: Foods Medicinal
Qualities” by Catherine J. Frompovich
“No Vaccines for Me!”, a family friendly
book by Kathleen Dunkelberger
“Save My Species” by Freddie the Chihuahua
(due to be published by the end of 2017)



Leave me a message @VaccineFreeNYC on FB and Twitter.  Boo!, Sallie O. Elkordy