REAL Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study on “The Mary and Sallie Show” + Legislative Update + “Parenting 101” in NYC Monthly starting 1/7/17.

Parents of vaccine injured children have shared their realities with me since 2011.  Even though I have interviewed countless Doctors and Scientists, all of whom were knowledgable in their fields, reality trumps theory every time.

Let’s embark on the REAL Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study by listening to 10 Parents who’ve raised both:

1) Amanda Kaye was the first to report on the well-being of her vaccinated and unvaccinated children on 4/26/16:
2) Tasha David’s in-home study of 8 children, six vaccinated and two unvaccinated 10/18/16:
3-6) Four Mothers of Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Children and their in-home studies: ~ Alisa Pittaluga, Natasha Klamm, Michele Webb Zollars and Andrea Venezio
7) Mother of three children, some Vaccinated and Unvaccinated: ~ Jill Rumbaugh Friends who was joined by Mary Pulles Cavanaugh author of “The Book On Greatness: How To Keep Shining Your Light”.
8) Daniella Kunz called into a program with Sherrie Saunders and shared an impromptu vaccinated vs. unvaccinated assessment of her own children, raising both:
9)  Davette E. Phillips on her Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children on 12/20/16
10) Lisa Kathleen Lasker gives a unique perspective on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated children having been raised by a Pathologist, her father:
Many thanks to U. S. Representatives Bill Posey and Carolyn Maloney for co-sponsoring a Congressional bill to conduct a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Parents of vaccine injured children reached out to their Congressmen to co-sponsor this bill, but to no avail.
There was a survey conducted in Germany, which I handed to Representative Posey’s then Chief of Staff, Stuart Burn on April 23, 2013 when we met and spoke for over two hours. This article, written by Paul Fassa was part the second legislation to Ban Vaccines I proposed to Congress in 2013 and is identical to the third bill proposed in 2015 (under ”IMPORTANT” here:
Since a recent “Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study” was pulled from the web (see Catherine Frompovich’s article, I was inspired to conduct my own study.
Legislative Update:  HR34, “The 21st Century Cures Act” Passed: ~ Article by Catherine Frompovich on HR34: ~ Excellent interview on HR34 with host Candyce Estave and guest Christina Hildebrand (continues with update on the RICO lawsuit to stop SB277 at 22 minutes): ~ Interview on California’s Pan-proposed SB18 with Karri Lewis + Dr. Rebecca Carley of and Sheldon Day:
I will be conducting “Parenting 101” Classes in NYC monthly throughout 2017.  January 7th at 5pm will be our first  Leave me a message (here: @VaccineFreeNYC on FB or Twitter) to speak at future classes to instruct young people and newlyweds especially. Mary Pulles Cavanaugh, author of “The Book On Greatness” will be our first speaker and may be joined by several other parents of vaccine injured children on that date.  Stay in touch, especially if you live near NYC to keep abreast of upcoming Classes & Actions.
To a reality-changing 2017!,  Sallie O. Elkordy
(contact me on Facebook or Twitter @VaccineFreeNYC)

Ring in the New Year with Madame Ghis! ~ formerly Dr. Lanctot and author of “The Medical Mafia”


ATTEND Madame Ghis’ 7 Day Workshop on Idessity in Everyday Life in  from 12/28/16 thru 1/3/17 in Canada (registration is still open):

From Executive Orders to Standing Orders, GOOD Ideas Don’t Require Force!

50 Child Survival Advocates throughout the USA call for a National Moratorium on Vaccination Now! (special thanks to Otto Lund for uploading the photos and music to create this video).  Be inspired and join us!

Since my previous update regarding the CDC’s hubris-filled proposal to vaccinate or detain and fine healthy people and communities (, an Executive Order was signed on November 4th and something called “Standing Orders” are being implemented, both of which are intended to get adults to capitulate to being vaccinated.

November 4th Executive Order signed by President Obama:
“Standing Orders” to be implemented as if they were lawful: &

Never say you haven’t been warned!

By now many are aware that the Nation of Islam’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan has spoken to warn his flock that there are dangers to accepting vaccination, but did you know about Rabbi Handler, a Holocaust survivor who has come out to warn the Jewish people not to entrust their health to vaccination?  Here is one of the two articles he has published in the Jewish Press, republished by Age of Autism:

Why doesn’t the establishment want Religious leaders to speak about politics?  Because it MATTERS!  Why do they say it’s impolite to discuss politics?  Because it MATTERS… and we should sit back and allow ourselves to be manipulated into believing what we are fed.  Discourse on issues that matter benefit the human race and may even unite us!  That’s right… and in case you haven’t noticed, when the authorities need the clergy to speak up for their interests, it happens (discussed in this interview with student Minister Tony Muhammad, so let’s level the playing field and save our children.

Now, where are the Priests, the Reverends and the Buddhist Monks?  Why won’t they save their flocks?  How could they be so callous?  Their flocks will perish if they say nothing.  Last time I mentioned vaccines to a Priest he bolted so fast that I was taken aback by the fact that priests could run that fast.  I wish I were joking!

The PREMISE of vaccination is faulty and dangerous and must be exposed to stop all the dangers that accompany it’s acceptance.  This simple, scientific explanation leaves no questions, so listen and share because the scientist who wrote it, has researched vaccination more thoroughly over more years than anyone else alive.  You may use the text under this video, but must credit it’s author, Viera Schiebner, PhD:

~ We do have good people running for Public Office, but instead of shoring them up, we ignore them because they have no funding to speak of:  Andrea Boland of Maine, former House Representative for Maine, recently lost her bid for State Senate against a well funded incumbent

~ We do have media outlets who report the truth, but instead of shoring them up, we marginalize them as alternative:  The Robert Scott Bell Show

~ We do have citizens who are willing to forego personal gain to educate the masses and commit their lives to extensive research for the sole purpose of saving humanity, but deride their efforts and ridicule them as preposterous resources, when it’s completely the opposite:  John Scudamore of interviewed

~ We do have advocates for the survival of children who don’t have degrees or letters after their names, but whose commitment to this goal surpasses those who offer bills for their questionable “services”:  Sarai Flores

Truth on TELEVISION:  “What’s Wrong With Vaccines?” ~ Airing Nov 16th at 3pm and Nov 22 at 1:30pm on MNN Channel 56 Time Warner Cable in Manhattan ~ One hour  program starring 8 Parents of Vaccine Injured Children: (and online at Ch. 2).


VACCINE REALITIES:  Parents Speak!  ~ Interviews on each type of vaccine, multi-shots and no shots at all:

As of August 2016, EIGHT doses of vaccination allowable for Pregnant Women and 33 in the first year of life (please listen to this interview with Mary Tocco if you are currently pregnant or know someone who is:  This is the end of humanity, unless you STAND UP NOW!  I can’t give you courage, but I can assure you that your silence will NOT save you.   Special thanks to Yuka Azuma and Christian Palma with whom I stand in the photo above.  See this (one page when printed in 8 point type) legislation for a Vaccine Free Nation.  Same as it was back in 2013 because you don’t need to know any more than what is stated to BAN VACCINES… if only you will… or we can.  Call for a Moratorium, Demand a Ban, or in your person and your family go VACCINE FREE:

I’m running for Mayor of NYC and hope to SAVE 8 million New Yorkers in doing so.  Please contact me on FB and Twitter: @VaccineFreeNYC ~ To your health! Sallie O. Elkordy

Mothers Speak about Vaccine Reactions including Autism, HPV Injuries, Infant and Fetal Death

Autism Mothers Sheila, Stefanie and Leah SPEAK at City Hall in NYC:

Mothers of Girls with Multiple Injuries from the HPV Vaccine

Alisa on Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS) and Polly on Autism:

What Donna WISHES she was informed of PRIOR to Vaccination:

Going BACK to CITY HALL on 11/11, Veterans Day (a public school holiday, children are welcome) at 1pm in NYC.  Stand with us and speak with us..  Taping for Television.  EVENT:

50 “Life Preservers” across the USA

Margie and Craig Schaeffer hold their son’s portrait in the video above.  He was merely 16 when his body gave out from all the toxins injected into him.  His parents thought they were acting conscientiously, as so many do.  What they didn’t know was revealed at the greatest cost of all, their son’s life ended at the age of 16.  Learn from their tragedy…

Margie speaks:

When you’ve had enough, we expect you will STAND and SPEAK with us.  In New York City with EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE, the fact that merely 9 are bold enough to speak publicly ensures disaster.  Adults WILL be force vaccinated if you do not RISE NOW (see 11/11/16 event for evidence of this claim)

Choose wisely, Sallie O. Elkordy on FB and Twitter @VaccineFreeNYC

P. S. “A Parent’s Guide on What to Do if Your Child Dies After Vaccination”

Let Adults Know They’re Next if you are Serious about Stopping the Shot!

MUST WATCH:  CDC Claims It Can Indefinitely Detain Healthy People Without Appeal (up to $500,000 in fines if you resist).

“Get active now.  You will regret it if you do not.” -Sallie O. Elkordy

“Feds Plan to Force Vaccinations”

HUGE WAKE-UP!  If you do not get active, this is what you have to look forward to and it’s not pretty:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s lecture is an eye-opener alert that you must pay heed to so you can effectively WARN adults:

WITCH’S BREW:  vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, MSG, anti-freeze, animal and human aborted fetal tissue… and in case you thought it couldn’t get any worse the new meningitis vaccines contain E.Coli and the authorities have just approved cultures grown on human malignant cancer tumors!  76 doses of these poisonous vaccines are recommended by the CDC currently through the age of 18.  Many more for Adults.  You NEVER need to accept them… for now.  If you want an exemption from vaccines to attend school, visit this website  NYC is the hardest place to get an exemption to attend school, so homeschool if you cannot.

I have compiled a roster of links regarding forced adult inoculation (the comments area is the most recent) and you will find that the CDC’s attempted power grab is ASTONISHING (if you haven’t been fully vaccinated you are “pre communicable” and will be vaccinated or detained, possibly indefinitely, fined up to half a million dollars and entire communities may be quarantined):

I have chosen to fight this tyranny first, by vocalizing dissent in saying “I DO NOT CONSENT”.  After that, I DEBUNK the PREMISE by which they are giving themselves this authority, with the words of Viera Scheibner, PhD: (text is beneath video, which you may use if you give credit to it’s author, Dr. Scheibner).

People in 30 States are Calling for a “National Moratorium on Vaccination Now”.  Join us wherever you live, but if you live in NYC, *** our next Stand is at NYC Hall on 11/11 at 1pm. ***  And talking about Adults, that’s Veteran’s Day!

Here are recent interviews and breaking stories:

  1. Mother of 8 has 6 VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN and just returned from the CDC Rally having come from Australia to Atlanta to participate:
  2. SPRAY WHAT?  The Rally outside the CDC was continuously sprayed from 7am to 2pm and people at the Rally got very ill:
  3. ART for ACTIVISM:  Joe Jones who creates all the Banners for our campaigns from a Vaccine Free NYC to a National Moratorium on Vaccines:
  4. EDUCATION about ACTIVISM. Definitely worth your time!
  5. Assessing the CANDIDATES regarding Vaccines (after midpoint of interview):
  6. MORE WHISTLEBLOWERS coming out of the CDC in MSM!
  7. CDC Whistleblower Thompson’s Subpoena STONEWALLED by Director Frieden &

Create an Event for OCTOBER ~ International Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

Make this Banner your Cover Photo throughout OCTOBER and create an EVENT during October locally where you live:  I am kicking off the month with a Town Hall Meeting to Educate people in my area about the CDC Power Grab and people’s responsibility to vocalize, “I DO NOT CONSENT” to each other (inform all adults since this affects all of them), to Congress and to the CDC.  If we had all stood to protect all children from vaccination, then the CDC’s proposed tyranny toward adults and entire communities would never have been proposed… but we did not object en masse and this is the result.  Everyone is being asked to respond to the CDC’s regulations by October 14th here: and here are over 5,000 comments already left in response:

RIGHT NOW, you can ask shop owners to place the graphic (above, grab artwork) in their windows.  You can add the text from last year (update as you wish) on the back of the flyers and even use the graphic on this blog if you feel people are more likely to post it in their windows (I have always had success with this “Vaccine Injury” graphic) or you can bring both graphics and give them a choice: (regular 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper is fine).

KICK-OFF on September 30th ~ Town Hall Meeting on Response to CDC Power Grab PLUS Stunning Vaccine Schedule through Age 1 (47 vaccine doses on 2016 schedule from pregnancy through infancy  SPEECHES (will be taped for TV), Discussion and Planning at 8pm this Friday in NYC (if you can participate, inbox me at my contact below).

October 1st & 2nd:  Visit legislators at the Federal and State Levels (in their home offices) to inform them that you do not consent to the CDC’s preposterous rules to vaccinate, detain and fine adults.  Recommend to Congress that they withdraw from the Department of Health and Human Services (who passed the responsibility down to the CDC) the power to propose these rules.  “PREcommunicable”?  Really?

OCTOBER EVENTS ~ Add YOUR EVENT in the “Discussion” area and I will add it to the list for this month OR inbox me at my contact below).  Includes a Stand on the steps of City Hall, screening of “Vaxxed”, a Rally outside the CDC in Atlanta plus addressing the CDC directly (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, must register by 9/29 must see ALL vaccines and when they will be addressed and which accept public comments here:

READ about some of the recent BOMBSHELLS that have dropped:

CONTACT Sallie O. Elkordy here

P. S. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS!  The Governor of California, bill sponsors Pan and Allen and all the Legislators who voted for SB277 have been SERVED (as well as their spouses).  Interview with Travis Middleton (co-host Candyce Estave): ~ Support this effort

P. P. S. LISTEN to interviews that disclose NEW FINDINGS from Dr. Seneff (co-host Kerra Icansketchu) and Dr. Martini (co-host Dr. Carley) and Alfred Lambremont Webre