YELLOW VESTS Alert the World that “SIDS IS VIDS” (Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome) to Spare Children, Parents & Carers!

GET REAL NOW:  72 Doses of Poison Kills, Sterilizes and will result in Euthanasia of the Adult Damaged Survivors who will outnumber those well enough to care for them.

Direct from the Centers for Disease Control (, here are the ingredients in Vaccines which you will see for yourself are toxic and the schedule of childhood shots which have TRIPLED since Congress lifted liability from the manufacturers and healthcare workers back in 1986.  Children receive 72 vaccine doses now (up from 3 in the 1950s, 5 in the 1960s and 24 in the 1980s) with more than a third of them given in infancy!  The Supreme Court upheld the lack of liability for the medical manufacturers and doctors because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”  (sounds like the best reason to BAN vaccines).  It all comes down to common sense, which can spare you, your children and anyone you will educate ( from becoming another statistic on the VAERS report of vaccine injury and death (which most people don’t even know exists and reflects a minuscule percentage of adverse reactions to vaccines) and the VICP (vaccine injury compensation program:, which is funded by the purchaser (you) and has payed out 4 billion dollars to injured people, which is a tiny amount compared to the actual costs incurred for vaccine injuries and deaths.  We’re told vaccines are “safe and effective” but must awaken to “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” if we are to save ourselves (just wait till you see the adult schedule!), and especially our children.  As it stands; if children even have a future, it will not be an independent one… and who will be left to care for them when they are grown if everyone then mature is injured themselves?  This is prescription for an unsustainable disaster which will lead to euthanasia.  Please help STOP IT.

Yellow Vests are a worldwide movement which started with the French people saying “NO” to Globalization (whose agenda is to eradicate 90% of mankind!).  If you are surprised, then you have been watching television instead of investigating this dire situation.  It is well known among many who have felt that something is WRONG and did the research verifying their intuition.  I have been informing people that children are DYING from VACCINATION for a long time (celebrating 10 years of attempting to BAN vaccines by proposing legislation to Congress since 2009 and here is the latest version, and by calling for a National Moratorium on Vaccination to the HHS’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, and writing to President Trump to Outlaw Vaccines through Executive Order  The following three blogs are dedicated to my research, much of which has been achieved by interviewing Parents of children who have died from vaccination, Doctors ashamed of what their profession has become, Scientists risking their lives to inform, and Journalists intolerant of censorship (

Children are Dying from Vaccination ~ 50 Interviews with Bereaved Parents:

Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy:

Infant Deaths, Our National Disgrace:

Iowa Bill Requires Infant Death Certificates to Include Vaccine Information

If there is a more persistent deceit than vaccination, I cannot fathom what that would be.  Here are two parents; both have lost children from vaccination, speaking about how this all transpired.  These stories are typical as are the reactions to the vaccines themselves and you will do a great service to young couples by sharing this information with them before they too TRUST a system which has proven itself time and again to be working against humanity instead of on it’s behalf.  Listen to “The OUTRAGE that is VACCINES!” with bereaved parents Ronnie Prine and Alisa Neathery: and here are 2 grandmothers, both former vaccinators themselves who lost their grandchildren to vaccines, Gaela Fisher and Valerie Murfin:

Radio interview with Christina England on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) regarding a young couple (spoken of in the video above) who lost their infant post vaccination and are now DEAD themselves: You will hear the parents as well (recorded on the night prior to their trial).  Another interview with Ms. England and Bryant Arroyo who I also referred to in the above video:  This interview took place just prior to his being transferred to a maximum security prison for entrusting his child to a pediatrician’s needle (thug life, right?):  Another story, this of a father who was convicted using the wrong child’s scans and there was proof that this child died through vaccines  Read this article, also by Ms. England about 13 father’s in one wing of one jail for SBS:  According to Christina there are no cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome in an unvaccinated child. See the video in the comments area beneath entitled, “Vaccine Cover-up”.


Naturally, the Autism connection to vaccines has been covered-up by the same criminals who are responsible for injecting our children with toxic poisons (see mind-blowing and the latest cover-up exposed:

I have so much more to share with you, but if you realize that INDEED VACCINES KILL (conservatively 10-12% of infants as of 2010, scroll down for more on this) and CAUSE AUTISM (1 in 36 as of the 2016 National Survey, and has been known since at least 1972:, you will know a great deal.  Do not neglect to listen to interviews with HPV vaccine victims here: because the injuries sustained from this vaccine are overwhelming; and extensive damage has been brought by the DTaP vaccine, much of which is covered here:  The MMR and Flu Shot reactions are covered here with Dr. Rebecca Carley:

I thank Joe Jones of for executing the yellow vest artwork above precisely as I had envisioned it.  If you too are frustrated with people understanding the risks vaccination pose and DOING NOTHING about it, then PLEASE grab the yellow vest above and make it your Facebook photo status.  It was designed for that purpose.  Also, share the link to this blog update:

Sallie O. Elkordy, Child Survival Advocate ~

P. S. Vitamin C can save your child’s life (leading up to and following vaccination). Conservatively speaking, 10% to 12% of infants are DYING from vaccination in developed countries including Australia.  Dr. Viera Scheibner’s urgent message is in the COMMENTS area below along with a detailed explanation of these statistics.  Dr. Scheibner is the world’s foremost authority on SIDS and she speaks in this interview about her journey of discovery; the medical community knowing that vaccines are the cause of infant death; and efforts to thwart the truth about Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) in the Court system:

P. P. S.  See Author Christina England’s website for parents or carers accused of SBS:  Read her recent article, “Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After this Vaccine

P. P. P. S. Compilation on information about Shaken Baby Syndrome by Lowell Hubbs:

P. P. P. S. If you remember nothing else, remember this, “ALWAYS REJECT EVERY VACCINE” for yourself and your children and EDUCATE others:  RISK RIDICULE (from the ignorant and incentivized) AND SAVE A CHILD!

14 thoughts on “YELLOW VESTS Alert the World that “SIDS IS VIDS” (Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome) to Spare Children, Parents & Carers!”

  1. Dr. Viera Scheibner, “The real statistics – Child notifications up: AD 2010. 2010: p5
    Dear Editor, I refer to your brief announcement about Australian child protection authorities receiving more than 207,000 notifications in 2009…(and) about 33,000 of these being substantiated and prosecuted (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released last week). These figures mean that out of close to 250,000 life birth yearly cohort full 80% were reported as possible child abuse. This, supported by very high vaccination compliance (up to 95% with at least some administered doses) in my considered opinion reflects the level of serious vaccine reactions because the so called shaken baby syndrome are accusations of innocent parents whose children suffered serious reaction to vaccination (subdural retinal hemorrhages and non-traumatic bazaar fractures) which the accusing attending doctors report to DoCS as traumatic child abuse. Even the “substantiated” 33,000 is full 15% rate of which the majority are deaths indicating infant mortality of between 10%-12%, i.e. 10-12/100 or 100-120/thousand. This is a reasonable extrapolation and a far cry from the admitted 10/1000 infant death rate in developed countries, including Australia and rivals the infant deaths in developing countries. Again, this is reasonable estimate because children in developing countries are healthier than children in developed countries (because most escape vaccination).” Listen to 35 minutes onward to hear Dr. Scheibner address this particular issue in the video beneath.


      1. Dr. Scheibner wants parents to know that Vitamin C can SAVE YOUR CHILD’s LIFE. Administer into a baby’s mouth with a dropper using the non-acidic form of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbate (in powder form which should be mixed with water). Use leading up to and following vaccination.


    1. In brief: a 1% death rate is reported in developed countries including Australia (which rivals developing countries) BUT in actuality in developed countries, conservatively speaking it’s between 10%-12% of infants dying.


  2. autismwarriorny_
    23,000 babies die in the U.S. every year on or before 12 months of age, making the U.S the MOST dangerous developed country for babies. Even more terrifying? How can this be ignored? For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day!!! Inactivated influenza vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%). Deaths Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, 1997-2013. For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day

    Read more:


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